Monday, June 21, 2010

1998 DC Direct "Faces of the DC Universe" Wonder Woman Mouse Pad

Purchased on its day of release (I ran the dang shop) even before I had a computer (WebTV,) this lovely mouse pad has been in use since 2002. It measures 8" x 9 1/2", which gave me a respectable amount of room to work with. The pad's face has a resilient textured finish, sort of like matte. This mutes the colors, but it has only begun to tear at the edges in recent months. The back side has solid traction, and a slight bit of weight to it at a notch under a centimeter thick. I tried to clean up the scan in MS Paint, as my pad has numerous dimples and a large vertical "beauty mark" at the left corner of her mouth. The art is by José Luis García-López, and was originally produced for the cover of December 1997's Wonder Woman #128. I don't recall its original retail price, but I'd guess it was around $10-15. I love this thing, and if anyone knows more about it or where I could get a replacement (God forbid,) please let me know in the comments.


mathematicscore said...

That is one of the better of those portraits. I just really like it. Beautiful, sexy, confident, Demure... Wonderful.

Sorry, it just felt right. :)

Seriously though, this is the shit.

Diabolu Frank said...

Damn straight. It pisses me off when a drawing captures Wonder Woman's essence better than a writer ever seems to.

mathematicscore said...

Actually, I think that's pretty true to life... Lord knows I've seen plenty of "perfect" women and once you get to know them... well let's just say the Devil's in the details.

Diabolu Frank said...

True, but it's supposed to be Wonder Woman: The Ideal, not some pesky reality we all get enough of.