Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 Charlie Sheen Quote Presented By Wonder Woman

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Princess Diana was the only super-heroine squeezed into one of the fourteen pictures of comic book characters depicted in a stock interview setting for a Comics Alliance article in which they offer direct, unaltered Charlie Sheen quotes. This may be because, as VULTURE Entertainment News would define in their Charlie Sheen Glossary, "goddesses" are:
plural noun
1. women available for sexual favors, positive reinforcement, and lounging seductively just offscreen, including (but not limited to) porn stars and wayward graphic designers
2. the sort of woman who might require a lot of verbal hand-holding when asked to make instant coffee during your TMZ Live interview ("It's the premade. The instant. Mix the water with the powder. Don't confuse her")

...or in the case of Kacey Jordan, a "goddess" is a porn star who also indulges in prostitution (even before being promised a Bentley, because I'd do Charlie Sheen for a Bentley) at a pharmacological buffet while pregnant with an undetermined fellow's baby (whom she later aborted.) What else would you call that? Duh-- Winning!

Chris Haley and Curt Franklin of the web comic Let's Be Friends Again have a full set of these bad boys here, with less disturbing contextualization.

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