Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wonder Woman #9 (July, 2007)

Continuing from last issue, Hippolyta petitioned the goddesses for help against the humans, but realizing peace never comes from war and no good crossovers ever spin out of a Wonder Woman book, they blew her off. The Amazons busted the Washington Monument in half, and it was noted that the action was symbolic, because of course it was. Superman was on hand to provide the stone peen with as safe landing. Batman and Black Canary were also on seen, and though the blame was laid at Hippolyta’s feet, nobody really believed it was actually her. Tom Tresser tried to flirt with Dinah, but came off sleazy.

Diana met with Hippolyta, who clearly knew too much, and was proven in league with Circe. Tom Tressor was captured by Sarge Steel, but then impersonated him. Somehow, the real Sarge Steel ended up being interrogated with the fake Sarge Steel, who turned out to be Everyman, a shapeshifter from another book. I don’t know how Tom ended up not being the fake Sarge Steel, or whether there were three fakes and one real. All I know is that the real Steel stabbed the fake one with a ballpoint pen in his fake steel hand, then Everyman teleported away. Oh wait, Tom was the “real Steel,” and learned missiles were being aimed at where Themyscira would be once Circe opened a portal.

Circe showed up, so she fought Wonder Woman. Tom managed to escape a government facility and drive back to where the Amazons were. Hippolyta stabbed Circe through the chest with a spear, then the Amazons hurled a barrage of spears at their princess and Tom Tressor, because they’re just mindless robots with breasts or something.

"Love and Murder, Part 4" was by Jodi Picoult, Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson. Gee, DC throwing away all this continuity for the New 52 seems so sensible, all of the sudden.

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karl said...

Poor continuity, out of character personality transplants and an inexplicable plot; we all complained bitterly about this Amazons Attack storyline when it first came out. And with good cause...but then...
Compared to what we've had to put up with for the past two years, we didnt know when we were well off!

Diabolu Frank said...

Eh. When I had only a couch, I longed for a bed. When I had only the floor, I longed for a couch.