Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 Wonder Woman “Female Super Hero Fan Film”

Female Super Hero Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson on Vimeo.

Could have done without the butt shots, but the costume is reasonably accurate, and I'll take it if the moneymaker leads to the filmmaking. Despite the budgetary restrictions, I've seen super-hero feature films *cough*steel*cough* with lower production values. Dig the homage to the "Red For Death!" airplane versus machine gun cover to The New Wonder Woman #189! Dude-- Peter Stormare, dude! Featuring Nina Bergman as the Amazing Amazon and Timothy V. Murphy as a mighty damned handsome Nazi, as directed by Jesse V. Johnson.


mathematicscore said...

Yeah, I can't be mad at that. I've long held Gina Carano has the look and physicality, but this lady has a 'tude.

karl said...

Ive seen this other sites and have to concur - this was exceptionally well done all round. So is it really Peter Stormare as the Nazi? Thought he looked familiar.
I felt maybe there was touch too much violence going on but really I have no complaints with this production; with all the effort having gone into this it makes me wonder if a longer movie based on this isnt going into production - I for one would most certainly love to see it.

Diabolu Frank said...

I think Stormare was the torturer, and Timothy V. Murphy the main Ed Harris-y Nazi. This was directed by a stuntman who called in a lot of favors and filmed for an unbelievable $3500 dollars or so. No, I did not miss a zero.

Warner Brothers just needs to film the Joss Whedon script with an inexpensive director of similar aesthetic (Drew Goddard?)

karl said...

Thanks Diabulo! And last night I saw Timothy V. Murphy on an episode of 'Revenge'.