Sunday, September 2, 2018

DC Comics 1993 Editorial Presentation: Justice League America

There wasn't much related to the DC Trinity featured in "1993: The Year of Change" editorial presentation that didn't get published, and thus is readily available for anyone looking for it. Diana's entry featured Lee Moder's “Experience The Majesty” and a reasonably accurate description of the year's stories, although the promised Demon Etrigan and Supergirl guest appearances failed to materialize.

Ditto Justice League America, wherein the Amazing Amazon had already taken over as team leader in the wake of Superman's "death." The earlier, better J.L.A. stories were incongruously reprinted in Superman and The Justice League of America Vol. 2 (despite his perishing in a non-reprinted comic set two issues into the trade.) I suppose the gambit paid off, because the sales on that trade were good enough to warrant a continuation into Wonder Woman and Justice League America Vol. 1 & even more incredibly Vol. 2 (which would more accurately but less commercially be considered a "Judgment Day" crossover collection.) These are unfortunately among the worst regarded League stories ever published, and the covers to the original issues were so bad (and non-Wonder Woman-centric) that DC actually sprung for Tom Grummett to draw two new ones (common in the old days for collections, but a rarity now.) I dig the first one especially, so I'm not sorry DC neglected to use the Dan Jurgens/Rick Burchett promo image above. I'm not aware if it ever appeared anywhere else.

DC Comics 1993 Editorial Presentation

Saturday, September 1, 2018

1993 Wonder Woman “Experience The Majesty” house ad

Heralding the arrival of Lee Moder as new (and relatively short-lived) artist on the book (before he bailed/was pushed out and replaced by the more infamous Mike Deodato Jr.) Also reintroducing William Messner-Loebs after a rocky start with "Operation: Cheetah" and the controversial Noble Pyrates arc by retelling Diana's origins and revisiting Themyscira.