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The Top 20 Steve Trevor Covers

20) Wonder Woman #231 (May, 1977)

19) Wonder Woman #102 (November, 1958)

18) DC Comics Presents #32 (April, 1981)

17) Wonder Woman #47 (May, 1951)

16) Wonder Woman #51 (January, 1952)

15) Wonder Woman #5 (June, 1943)

14) Wonder Woman #72 (February, 1955)

Maybe if she holds out long enough, he'll turn into diamond?

13) Wonder Woman #3 (April, 1987)

Wow, how often does Pérez get stuck in the back half of a top covers list?

12) Wonder Woman #2 (March, 1987)

Eddie the Head has escaped the Aces High 45rpm cover!

11) Sensation Comics #94 (October, 1949)

Traditional, but darling.

10) Wonder Woman #157 (October, 1965)

The flight suit almost ruins it, but that title and story description make everything up.

9) Wonder Woman #298 (December, 1982)

A hell of a thing to find, innit?

8) Sensation Comics #95 (January, 1950)

Busted! This story changed everything forever! ...or not...

7) Sensation Comics #102 (March, 1951)

This has got to be some kinky couples' island retreat package, because everyone looks too happy to be here.

6) Adventure Comics #460 (November, 1978)

What's the masculine form of "damsel?"

5) Wonder Woman #240 (February, 1978)

I assume that's Steve's hand shaking. Awesome image!

4) Wonder Woman #125 (October, 1961)

All of Diana's Silver Age loves in a tug-of-waaaah T.F. is "Amoeba-Man?!?"

3) Wonder Woman #106 (May, 1959)

Matrimonial anxiety given form. "Charm bracelet" Steve's foot!

2) Wonder Woman #95 (January, 1958)

The loving manner in which Diana cradles Steve's head-- against an atomic bomb(!)-- makes this one very memorable.

1) Sensation Comics #97 (March, 1950)

A romantic, enduring piece.

Honorable Mentions:
Sensation Comics #68 (1942)
Wonder Woman #158 (1942)
Wonder Woman #317 (1942)
Wonder Woman #26 (1987)
Wonder Woman #27 (1987)

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Wonder Woman #115 (July, 1960)

"...At a mountain hideout, gangland chiefs stare at the huge robot Angle Man, the criminal mastermind displays..." Using the underworld figures' funding, Angle Man had built a mechanical brain that could "animate any inanimate object!" Angle Man proved it by having one of the mobsters' cigars become a club to whack all disbelievers. A newspaper had announced Wonder Woman would be investigating a resurfaced graveyard of ancient ships, so Angle Man decided to test his Animox there.

As Princess Diana was preparing to set out, Steve Trevor invited himself along, per orders. Steve had a frogman suit and explosives, which would come in handy once Angle Man launched his Animox against Diana. Wonder Woman was attacked by a wooden Amazon carving from the front of a sunken ship that was her spitting image, and before long, a whole slew of animated figureheads joined in the assault.

While a winged dragon made off with Steve, Wonder Woman tried his explosives and her indestructible amazonium bracelets against the Animox to no avail. The Amazing Amazon cracked open the instrument panel, and with awesome speed of both mind and finger, figured out how to order her pursuers to drop everything and fly into space. This left Angle Man very high and dry, as Princess Diana caught him before he burned up from friction aboard his Animox craft. The figurehead holding Steve ditched Trevor once it was redirected, so Wonder Woman also had to lasso her man from the wing of the robot plane to save his life. Trevor had survived such great heights thanks to his oxygen mask, and reviving in the arms of "the lovely Amazon," Steve was in a dream he didn't wish to wake from.

"Graveyard of Monster Ships!" was by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito; as would be "Mer-Boy's Undersea Party!"

Partway through the previous story, Princess Diana broke the fourth wall to offer a mailing address to readers, so that they could request stories about Wonder Girl and her fishy friend instead of adult super-heroine action. At least young Diana longed to become Wonder Woman, which her mother Hippolyta assured her required study and exercise. With four teachers, Diana practiced speaking caveman, French, Spanish and Martian. Later, she worried about passing a test to remain aloft for thirty minutes by gliding on air currents. Flying to close to the sea, Diana was pulled underwater by Mer-Boy, who had something important to ask her. The princess was furious Mer-Boy had caused her to fail her test, and told him she had no time for anything but developing into Wonder Woman so she could help people in peril.

Suddenly, the teens were attacked by an octopus and a shark, leaving Wonder Girl hauling an unconscious Mer-Boy to safety at the surface. Unfortunately, Mer-Boy was faking to stick close to Diana, hoping she would let him pin her and serve as escort to an underwater party. Diana was furious at the deception, and declared she never wanted to see Mer-Boy again! On land, Wonder Girl's teachers chastised her for being distracted by a boy.

Mer-Boy's friends kept asking about Wonder Girl, while he prayed to Neptune things would work out. Diana made a point of remaining on Paradise Island, where no man can set foot, to avoid the lovesick lad. Finally, Mer-Boy managed to sky-write a message to her with flying fish, making Diana "a laughing stock" amongst the amazons. The Amazon Teenager wished to confront her jilted suitor, but he kept writing her love notes in dangerous places, forcing Wonder Girl to save him from a roc and a giant sea turtle.

Mer-Boy wouldn't stop writing proclamations of love all over the sea, and inadvertently awoke an aquatic dinosaur. The Mer-Boy risked his life to lure the beast away from "my darling," and she returned the favor by enduring the shock of an enormous electric eel that shed set upon the dinosaur. The Amazon Teenager was impressed by Mer-Boy's bravery, and was honored to wear his seashell fraternity pin. The young couple climbed onto a giant seahorse, since Mer-Boy wouldn't "let my best girl swim to the party!"


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2010 FBCC Sketch | Golden Age Wonder Woman by Michael Netzer

Click To Enlarge

A nifty number by the famed '70s artist! A color version can be found on the cover to his Crazy About Comics Sketchbook. Visit
Michael Netzer's Online Portal blog!

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Justice #3 (February, 2006)

A Wonder Woman conference was being held at the Meredith Hotel, and Priscilla Rich looked to be attending. Clerks at the front desk gossiped that “She’s just become one of the biggest supporters of the protection of animals in the world.” In a broad leopard print hat and trench coat, Rich seemed to be the one being protected, by the pair of cheetahs walking ahead of her on leashes. “Well, that’s one way to spend your money, I suppose. If she’s come to hear Wonder Woman, she better hurry.”

In her swank hotel room, the now nude Priscilla Rich knelt by the body of one of her cheetahs. She stroked its fur, and offered a prayer as she took a ceremonial dagger to the big cat, marking her face with its blood. “I call upon your spirit… I call with your blood to make a way for me… Blood for spirit. Flesh for eyes… So that the Cheetah can be reborn.”

In a ballroom downstairs, Wonder Woman gave the gathered female fans an empowering motivational speech about bettering the world. Outside, in the bushes, Priscilla Rich stalked-- wearing the skin of her feline companion…

"Chapter Three" was plotted and painted by Alex Ross. The script was provided by Jim Krueger, and the penciled layouts by Doug Braithwaite.

Continue the story through these character-specific posts:

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2008 Hallmark Expressions Justice League Unlimited Grandson Birthday Card

You want to play a game? Try finding a greeting card with a super-heroine on it outside a specialty shop. Sure, there's Wonder Woman in a group card like this one at the grocery store, but any other heroine or a solo Amazing Amazon will likely mean a trip further out of your neighborhood. Even when you locate a Justice League card, the Amazon Princess is often excluded. Diana made the cut here, buried with Green Lantern John Stewart between Superman and Batman on the frontpiece, and Martian Manhunter paired with Flash on the back end, but where is Hawkgirl? Certainly not on the mix & match game on the reverse, which is a boys-only affair. I realize a lot of Wonder Woman's powers are replicated by other members, but would options like "Lasso of Truth," "Invisible Jet," or "Bulletproof Bracelets" have confused anyone?

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The Top Five Giganta Covers

A well remembered but not terribly prolific villainess, Giganta is better known through her animated adventures than the comics. Doris Zuel has come back in a big way in recent years, often as part of a mismatched romantic pairing with a super-hero.

5) The All New Atom #4 (December, 2006)

It's important to establish scale, and this is clever besides.

4) Wonder Woman #2 (September, 2006)

Sometimes, it's what you don't see...

3) Salvation Run #5 (May, 2008)

Not the finest selection of villains, but Giganta dominates the mutant beefcake.

2) Justice League Unlimited #38 (December, 2007)

Whether you find it adorable or sad, this one sticks with you.

1) Justice League of America #13 (November, 2007)

A massive army of super-villains, and Giganta towers over them all!

Honorable Mentions:
The All New Atom #5 (2006)
Blue Beetle #19 (2006)
Wonder Woman #180 (1986)

DC Comics 75th Anniversary Iconic Cover Suggestions

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sensational Comics for October, 2010

Wonder Woman
1:10 Variant cover by ALEX GARNER
This is it! The mysterious leader of the paramilitary organization finally confronts Wonder Woman as she continues learning what happened to the Amazons and why reality is askew! J. Michael Straczynski’s epic tale keeps rolling on!
Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
On sale OCTOBER 27 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Lookit dem big 'ol jugs! For some reason, Power Girl's breasts look like a rectangle on her book's cover this month, so I guess Ho'der Wumman is gunning for her title. Plus, her villain is either planning a ranged milking, or he's framing them in awe... or sumpin'...

Written by TODD DEZAGO
Because you demanded it! Collecting the out-of-print JLA: WORLD WITHOUT GROWN-UPS 2-issue miniseries, this is the story that started it all for Young Justice. Featuring Robin, Impulse, Superboy and the JLA and art by Mike McKone (TEEN TITANS) and Humberto Ramos (IMPULSE, Wolverine)
On sale OCTOBER 27 • 96 pg, FC, $7.99 US
Wonder Woman is in this thing, and well drawn by Mike McKone, but I cannot remember her role in the story.

#12 cover by DAVID FINCH
1:10 Variant covers by IVAN REIS
Don’t miss the hottest event in comics as the biweekly BRIGHTEST DAY continues with the return of the Black Lanterns! Has time run out for our resurrected heroes? Plus, you must not miss the stunning origin of the new Aqualad, the battle between Aquaman and Black Manta, and the bizarre journey of Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond as they delve into the inner workings of the Firestorm matrix and uncover its secret!
Retailers please note: These issues ship with two covers each. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
Issue #11 on sale OCTOBER 6
Issue #12 on sale OCTOBER 20
32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
We didn't get a lot of Black Lantern Wonder Woman last time, so maybe she'll do more than dream about fighting Mera here.

Written by JOE HARRIS, BRYAN Q. MILLER and others
Art by TBD
Cover by GENE HA
The annual event you’ve been dying to read is here! The DCU HALLOWEEN SPECIAL returns with a bang, featuring all-star talent and all of your favorite characters! What happens when the DC Universe’s premier heroes are thrown together with some of the spookiest heroes and villains? Scares are sure to ensue!
On sale OCTOBER 20 • 56 pg, FC, $4.99 US
I guess this cover proves that Blunder Woman and her offspring still coexist in the same continuity. Good luck figuring out how.

JLA/THE 99 #1
A threat from beyond the stars brings the World’s Greatest Heroes together with the World’s Newest Heroes to stop a globe-spanning invasion of Earth in this 6-issue miniseries! DC Comics’ JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA joins forces with Teshkeel Comics’ THE 99 to create an unstoppable army of super-powered beings the likes of which the world – and comic shops – have never seen before!
On sale OCTOBER 27 • 1 of 6 • 32 pg, FC $3.99 US
I know nothing about these 99 characters except the far-wrong-right got all uptight about their being Muslim, or something. The book's got name talent, and Tom Derenick's great with these types of characters, so my only source of offense is that it appears set in current JMSWW continuity.

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)
Written by J.T. KRUL
1:10 Variant cover by ADAM HUGHES
It’s here! A new day dawns for the Teen Titans, brought to you by the dynamic duo of J.T. Krul (GREEN ARROW, BLACKEST NIGHT: TITANS) and Nicola Scott (WONDER WOMAN, SECRET SIX)! Packed with action, steeped in emotion and featuring your favorite heroes, TEEN TITANS is ready to explode off the racks!
Starting right here, the team finds itself pushed in new directions and brought to new heights while also rediscovering its roots. With the rise of a mysterious new threat called the Feral Boys, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Raven, Beast Boy and the newly returned Ravager will have the chance to rebuild their camaraderie in the face of all that might endanger it. But if they discover the truth behind the Feral Boys, will they be able to stand together to face it? Find out here as the new era of the Teen Titans begins in this perfect jumping-on-point issue!
Retailers please note: This issue ships with two covers. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
On sale OCTOBER 27 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US

Nicola Scott really looks nice here-- like Joe Linsner nice. Did she do her own colors?

Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
1:10 Variant cover by ETHAN VAN SCIVER
The Book of the Black is pried open once more to reveal the untold horrors that occurred during BLACKEST NIGHT as guided by Sinestro Corps member Lyssa Drak. Be witness as swarms of Black Rings scavenge for souls within the tatters of Ragman! Cringe as Scarecrow bathes in the fear he constructs as a newly minted Sinestro Corpsman! Scream as Donna Troy transforms into a Black Lantern! Squirm as Animal Man literally feels his world – and himself – die! It’s the emotional spectrum at its darkest in one special standalone issue!
ONE-SHOT • On sale OCTOBER 13 • 56 pg, FC $4.99 US
Cash grab! Several of these were text only "deleted scenes" from the Blackest Night Director's Cut, which means they weren't good enough for that bloated mess.

Gatefold cover by ETHAN VAN SCIVER
1:75 “DC 75th Anniversary” Variant cover by JIM LEE
1:10 Variant cover by MARK BAGLEY
Jade is plagued by the remanants of the Black Lantern, and Dr. Impossible and his group’s machinations unleash the Crime Syndicate upon the JLA’s Earth as BRIGHTEST DAY continues shining! What are their true plans? And can the World’s Greatest Heroes handle these evil incarnations – or is the entire Multiverse doomed?
Retailers please note: This issue will ship with three covers. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
On sale OCTOBER 20 • 56 pg, FC, $4.99 US
That's a whole lot of I don't care for me to take in.

Written by GAIL SIMONE
It’s Scandal’s Secret Six vs. Bane’s Secret Six in the savage secret world of Skartaris! Who is manipulating the two teams, and who has vowed to track them both down?
On sale OCTOBER 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
So, yeah. Cool. Whatever.

The Huntress
Barbara Gordon and Bruce Wayne have long been allies and friends, acting as Gotham City’s primary defenders. Their reunion is sure to have lasting effects on Barbara’s role as Oracle and the other Birds of Prey.
ONE-SHOT • On sale OCTOBER 27 • 32 pg, FC $2.99 US
Batman's dead for about fifteen minutes, and this effects heroines at the outermost reaches of his influence so much, their book needs to be suspended for a special? The only impact I can see is that maybe Dick will have more free time to flirt with them.

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2010 Baby Wonder Woman by Oliver Nome

Click To Enlarge

I'm still playing catch-up across several blogs, and I'm about to throw a celebratory get-together, so my time crunch becomes a crossover of super-heroic chibi art by Oliver Nome. I'd hoped to get a second synopsis cross-post done today between here, Power of Captain Atom and The Idol-Head of Diabolu to make up for the three day gap in posting, but I guess that will have to wait until later in the week...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wonder Woman #112 (February, 1960)

Col. Steve Trevor dragged Lt. Diana Prince from her desk at military intelligence to see Wonder Woman at the filming of a television broadcast. Prince used her super speed to race away from Steve, change into Wonder Woman, and return to take Prince's place on Trevor's arm. Wonder Woman then explained that Lt. Prince had dropped off into the secretarial office while Steve was busy talking. How that protected-- and in fact how it didn't completely compromise-- her dual identity is a mystery to me.

Wonder Woman announced on TV a contest with no stated prize, which drew tons of submissions. Meanwhile, country girl Bonnie Bates and her Riccianly enormous brow/receded hairline was tending a flock of sheep in the rain. Two children she knew were swept up in a raging river, so young Bonnie dove in after them. The red-haired heroine kept the children's heads above water until they reached a bank, then performed mouth-to-mouth to start them breathing again. A random photographer recorded the act, sent in the pics a day before the contest's end, and saw Bonnie win three wishes from Wonder Woman. No, she's not a genie.

Bonnie's freakish cranium thought feverishly, until she asked to visit Paradise Island. The Amazons greeted the pair warmly, offering a fresh meal and clothing. Diana showed where the Amazons answer distress call from throughout the solar system, and their subliminal learning tapes used as they slept.

The Amazons held a contest where they would glide on air currents through a series of rings. Bonnie wished Wonder Woman would win in her thoughts, and lost her second wish when it came true. What a rip-off! While Bonnie tried not to think her way out of her final wish, Diana showed her where the Amazons could interpret every language, "from caveman to Martian!"*

Bonnie went swimming, and was nearly drowned by a giant freak water spout. Wonder Woman saved her, then lassoed together the snouts of four hungry sharks lying in wait, and ride back to shore on their backs. Diana dropped Bonnie at a nice quiet library to collect herself, where Bates decided her third wish was to "spend a few hours with you-- when you were my age... When you were Wonder Girl!" The wayback machine was set up, and so it went.

Wonder Girl took Bonnie on an unaided float on air currents, and when asked if she could be taught this skill, "You could-- if you were an Amazon!" Faced! Next the Teenage Amazon showed Bonnie a machine that produced such great cold, it caused objects to shrink. Wonder if that will come up later?

The girls put on transparent diving suits which allowed them to breath underwater and communicate through "a unique thought-wave transmitter built in!" Bonnie wanted to meet Diana's friend Mer-Boy, whom Wonder Girl managed to catch by detecting a giant clam "breathing." Mer-Boy invited the pair to help him explore a sunken Spanish galleon ship, but Diana ordered Bonnie to stay on deck over safety concerns.

Mer-Boy found a treasure chest, but an octopus had found him. The Amazon Teenager tied the octopus' tentacles together pair by pair until it was "disarmed," and in gratitude, Mer-Boy surrendered the chest. On the beach, the girls opened it, and out sprang metallic lotus-like insects. The creatures grew to giant size, and emitted a gas that knocked out all the Amazons. These were alien invaders who had crashed on Earth and been contained by our water. Upon exposure to oxygen, they grew, and exhaled gas. Only the girls were unaffected because of their diving suits, which also allowed them to hear the aliens' thoughts.

Wonder Girl lured the alien insects into the freeze chamber, which shrank them back down to nothingness. "I'm trained to withstand temperature as low as this..." Eat your heart out, Batman!

The Amazons were woken up and Bonnie Bates sent back to the present. Wonder Woman flew the girl and her accompanying forehead home in her invisible plane, while Bonnie wished Diana would offer more kids a chance to enter contest to spend time with the Amazing Amazon. "I'd like to hear from the readers about it first, Bonnie! I can be reached care of Wonder Woman, National Comics."

"The Chest of Monsters" was by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, and gin & tonic.

*No relation.


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Justice #1 (October, 2005)

Missiles streaked through the skies, striking major cities the world over, killing everything in their eruption's wake. In Metropolis, Superman barely saved Lois Lane before setting her somewhere safe... except no place was safe, and Superman's Girlfriend was soon no more. The Man of Steel called on his super friends.

Wonder Woman, holding back a wall from collapsing on children, answered "I hear you, Superman. The same thing's happening in Rome. I don't know. I don't..." The Amazing Amazon's legs began to turn into stone, and the malady continued upward, until her face was a mass of fissures. "Hera help me. S-superman...?" Diana died first among her fellows, her smoldering corpse still leveraged against the wall.

An omniscient commentator criticized the heroes' performance as the Earth itself perished:

Some might say that I am being unfair. That mankind molded you into the beings you are. We made you into gods, like a potter would a piece of clay. You did not claim this for yourself. But I ask you, what were reasonable men to do in your presence?

Priscilla Rich awoke from her nightmare, nude in a luxurious circular bed, her twin cheetah companions unstirred in the penthouse suite they shared. Rich also shared the dream-- each of her compatriots in the Legion of Doom troubled by their nocturnal vision. Action would have to be taken, to save all of humanity from the coming failure of the Justice League of America...

"Chapter One" was plotted and painted by Alex Ross. The script was provided by Jim Krueger, and the penciled layouts by Doug Braithwaite.

Continue the story through these character-specific posts:

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2009 Tigra versus Cheetah by Tommy Tejeda

Click To Enlarge

This is a no-brainer match I never thought of. Two women dressed in spotted pajamas to battle Wonder Woman over five decades before a third became a werecheetah. One woman ran around in a cat costume before becoming a weretiger. Murderous thief against hot to trot Avenger? Well, Tigra was never an outstanding member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, just a long lasting one, while Cheetah is a top foe of the greatest super-heroine of all time. I think we know how this story unfolds...

For more by Tommy Tejeda, check out his blog, Vibrational Frequencies. I'm also having a spotlight at my blogs, so give 'em a look.

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2001 Justice League Animated Art by Tommy Tejeda

Click To Enlarge

Andrés Tommy Tejeda is an Emmy-winning character designer and occasional director who has worked on most DC-related animation since the mid-90s. For employment and recreation, he's drawn a lot of Wonder Woman pieces in a variety of styles, which I'll have to feature here in the future. In this blog post, Tejeda discusses an effort for the Justice League cartoon...

I was asked to do this poster by the producers of the show but they never did anything with it. So I decided to finish the job and color it myself.

For more by Tommy Tejeda, check out his blog, Vibrational Frequencies. I'm also having a spotlight at my blogs, so give 'em a look.

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2009 Donna Troy & Wonder Girl commission by Jun Bob Kim

Click To Enlarge

I'm going to try to do posts about the Wonder Girls, but it really isn't a major interest for me. You see, unlike the Superman and Batman families, Wonder Woman hasn't been tight with any of the bearers of her standard. Diana was the original Wonder Girl, but do to an editorial foul-up, she ended up an early member of the Teen Titans. Rather than employ time travel to explain the mistake, the Titans character was revealed to be a second identical Wonder Girl. Of course, her history was nonexistent, which began the long strange trip that was Donna Troy's biography.

Donna Troy was saved by the Silver Age Wonder Woman as an infant from a fire, then raised as a sister on Paradise Island. Understandably, if Wonder Woman was already active in Man's World, she couldn't have had much time for her little "sister," and didn't. The 1987 Wonder Woman reboot made Donna a contemporary or elder to Diana, not that it matter, since Troy herself was rebooted as "Troia," and all ties to the Amazons were removed. Then John Byrne took the character back, and made her a literal mirror image of Diana who magically became a playmate of the real Amazon Princess, but was kidnapped and forced to live torturous lives in alternate realities. I'm not sure what Troy's story is today, but between her convoluted origins and loose connection to Wonder Woman, she's more a vestigial Wonder Woman concept than a character relevant to the Amazing Amazon.

I'm no great fan of John Byrne's run on Wonder Woman, so it should come as no surprise that his androgynous poseur Wonder Girl Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark failed to impress. Peter David took her on as a member of Young Justice, but even there I didn't see much point in her existence. It wasn't until Geoff Johns revamped Young Justice into a much needed revival of the original Teen Titans concept. Combining genuine, modern teenagers with the trademark melodrama that made the '80s Titans a best-seller, Cassie became defined by her stubborn determination, reasonable rebelliousness, and a long simmering romance with Superboy. Unlike Donna, Cassie could lay claim to having been Wonder Woman's sidekick, at least for a short while. Cassie also had clear ties to the Greek Gods and a decent continuity of her own. However, the rare instances Diana has butted into Cassie's life since the YJ days have rung a bit false, since for the most part, the characters lack a real relationship. Diana wasn't even Cassie's tutor in the use of her powers, as the task was pawned off on Artemis.

In short, Diana was an absentee mentor/mother/sister to both Diana and Cassie, plus Amazon comic book history is plagued with family issues. I've liked some incarnations of Donna Troy, but her continuity and very identity is toxic at this point. I prefer Cassie as a character, but she belongs to the Titans, a group I lost interest in a long time ago. They'll be around, but don't expect adoration.

Anyhow, the artist is Jun Bob Kim, who barely has any Wonder Woman images on his site. That's pretty unusual, but I respect folks who make their own way. For more, scope the guy's blog, or check out these Jun Bob Kim spotlight posts:

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2007 Gaslight Wonder Woman Custom Action Figure by Sillof

Gaslight Justice League

Despite the internationalist revisionism that Wonder Woman has been swept up in since the 1980s, Wonder Woman was conceived and plainly garbed as a patriotic character in service to the United States of America since her debut. As such, I feel as compelled to do a patriotic post here on Independence Day as I would if I (someday... someday...) ran a Captain America blog. Besides being character appropriate, its also so easy to pluck a random flag-waving Wonder Woman image it almost makes me feel guilty. Instead, I was inspired by an email from The Irredeemable Shag of Once Upon a Geek to show what the Aristocratic Amazon might have looked like had the colonist not rebelled against England.

Wonder Woman

The base figure of the Amazonia Wonder Woman by DC Direct was too perfect not use. But, I reworked the blouse, added the dress, belt, lasso, and sculpted a new eagle logo to match the hand stitched look of the other logos.

I think this turned out great, and I hope the "Gaslight Legion of Doom" will include Cheetah someday. Also, I've got spotlight posts on a few more of the figures at my other blog, so check 'em out: