Friday, July 30, 2010

The Top 20 Steve Trevor Covers

20) Wonder Woman #231 (May, 1977)

19) Wonder Woman #102 (November, 1958)

18) DC Comics Presents #32 (April, 1981)

17) Wonder Woman #47 (May, 1951)

16) Wonder Woman #51 (January, 1952)

15) Wonder Woman #5 (June, 1943)

14) Wonder Woman #72 (February, 1955)

Maybe if she holds out long enough, he'll turn into diamond?

13) Wonder Woman #3 (April, 1987)

Wow, how often does Pérez get stuck in the back half of a top covers list?

12) Wonder Woman #2 (March, 1987)

Eddie the Head has escaped the Aces High 45rpm cover!

11) Sensation Comics #94 (October, 1949)

Traditional, but darling.

10) Wonder Woman #157 (October, 1965)

The flight suit almost ruins it, but that title and story description make everything up.

9) Wonder Woman #298 (December, 1982)

A hell of a thing to find, innit?

8) Sensation Comics #95 (January, 1950)

Busted! This story changed everything forever! ...or not...

7) Sensation Comics #102 (March, 1951)

This has got to be some kinky couples' island retreat package, because everyone looks too happy to be here.

6) Adventure Comics #460 (November, 1978)

What's the masculine form of "damsel?"

5) Wonder Woman #240 (February, 1978)

I assume that's Steve's hand shaking. Awesome image!

4) Wonder Woman #125 (October, 1961)

All of Diana's Silver Age loves in a tug-of-waaaah T.F. is "Amoeba-Man?!?"

3) Wonder Woman #106 (May, 1959)

Matrimonial anxiety given form. "Charm bracelet" Steve's foot!

2) Wonder Woman #95 (January, 1958)

The loving manner in which Diana cradles Steve's head-- against an atomic bomb(!)-- makes this one very memorable.

1) Sensation Comics #97 (March, 1950)

A romantic, enduring piece.

Honorable Mentions:
Sensation Comics #68 (1942)
Wonder Woman #158 (1942)
Wonder Woman #317 (1942)
Wonder Woman #26 (1987)
Wonder Woman #27 (1987)


Themysciran Knight said...

Excellent choices for the top 20 Steve Trevor covers! I must say I'm partial to choices 13 & 12 from George Perez's run. I liked that 1) Steve and Diana were just friends, 2) Steve and Etta Candy became married, and 3) that Steve's mom was the inspiration for Diana's uniform.

Wonder Woman 231 is a pretty cool Trevor cover with Steve in the arms of the villainess as she taunts Diana. It reminds me of Supergirl the movie when Selena tricks Kara into the Phantom Zone by using Ethan as bait!

Diabolu Frank said...

Welcome Themysciran Knight! Glad you liked the list!

I'm a Perez fan, but his pieces got pushed back because of their coolness. Especially on his cover to Wonder Woman #3, there's no chemistry between the characters, which relates to their dynamic Post-Crisis. I understand why Trevor deserved his time in the wilderness, but the covers still represents the death of their classic relationship and a break from nearly fifty years of formula that I don't feel the book ever recovered from. I'd have been cool with the Steve-Etta hook-up if a suitable replacement love interest had been created for Wonder Woman. Twenty-three years later, and Diana is still alone, aside from short blips as other hero's girlfriend.

LissBirds said...

Oooh, nice list. Lois Lane and Steve Trevor? Now there's an idea!

I love the cute old-fashioned ones like #11 and #1.

Wonder Woman comics seem pretty exciting judging by their covers. I mean, an impaled WW skeleton in a dungeon? Grabbing a gun to hunt your wanted girfriend? Going to hell to save your boyfriend? (And "the end of the war of the New Gods!" in the same issue, to boot.)

And Amoeba-Man needs to watch where he puts his pseudopods. Grabby little guy, isn't he?

Diabolu Frank said...

Maybe half of these are in print in some capacity. :(