Saturday, July 24, 2010

2008 Hallmark Expressions Justice League Unlimited Grandson Birthday Card

You want to play a game? Try finding a greeting card with a super-heroine on it outside a specialty shop. Sure, there's Wonder Woman in a group card like this one at the grocery store, but any other heroine or a solo Amazing Amazon will likely mean a trip further out of your neighborhood. Even when you locate a Justice League card, the Amazon Princess is often excluded. Diana made the cut here, buried with Green Lantern John Stewart between Superman and Batman on the frontpiece, and Martian Manhunter paired with Flash on the back end, but where is Hawkgirl? Certainly not on the mix & match game on the reverse, which is a boys-only affair. I realize a lot of Wonder Woman's powers are replicated by other members, but would options like "Lasso of Truth," "Invisible Jet," or "Bulletproof Bracelets" have confused anyone?

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