Sunday, July 4, 2010

2007 Gaslight Wonder Woman Custom Action Figure by Sillof

Gaslight Justice League

Despite the internationalist revisionism that Wonder Woman has been swept up in since the 1980s, Wonder Woman was conceived and plainly garbed as a patriotic character in service to the United States of America since her debut. As such, I feel as compelled to do a patriotic post here on Independence Day as I would if I (someday... someday...) ran a Captain America blog. Besides being character appropriate, its also so easy to pluck a random flag-waving Wonder Woman image it almost makes me feel guilty. Instead, I was inspired by an email from The Irredeemable Shag of Once Upon a Geek to show what the Aristocratic Amazon might have looked like had the colonist not rebelled against England.

Wonder Woman

The base figure of the Amazonia Wonder Woman by DC Direct was too perfect not use. But, I reworked the blouse, added the dress, belt, lasso, and sculpted a new eagle logo to match the hand stitched look of the other logos.

I think this turned out great, and I hope the "Gaslight Legion of Doom" will include Cheetah someday. Also, I've got spotlight posts on a few more of the figures at my other blog, so check 'em out:

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