Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wonder Woman #115 (July, 1960)

"...At a mountain hideout, gangland chiefs stare at the huge robot Angle Man, the criminal mastermind displays..." Using the underworld figures' funding, Angle Man had built a mechanical brain that could "animate any inanimate object!" Angle Man proved it by having one of the mobsters' cigars become a club to whack all disbelievers. A newspaper had announced Wonder Woman would be investigating a resurfaced graveyard of ancient ships, so Angle Man decided to test his Animox there.

As Princess Diana was preparing to set out, Steve Trevor invited himself along, per orders. Steve had a frogman suit and explosives, which would come in handy once Angle Man launched his Animox against Diana. Wonder Woman was attacked by a wooden Amazon carving from the front of a sunken ship that was her spitting image, and before long, a whole slew of animated figureheads joined in the assault.

While a winged dragon made off with Steve, Wonder Woman tried his explosives and her indestructible amazonium bracelets against the Animox to no avail. The Amazing Amazon cracked open the instrument panel, and with awesome speed of both mind and finger, figured out how to order her pursuers to drop everything and fly into space. This left Angle Man very high and dry, as Princess Diana caught him before he burned up from friction aboard his Animox craft. The figurehead holding Steve ditched Trevor once it was redirected, so Wonder Woman also had to lasso her man from the wing of the robot plane to save his life. Trevor had survived such great heights thanks to his oxygen mask, and reviving in the arms of "the lovely Amazon," Steve was in a dream he didn't wish to wake from.

"Graveyard of Monster Ships!" was by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito; as would be "Mer-Boy's Undersea Party!"

Partway through the previous story, Princess Diana broke the fourth wall to offer a mailing address to readers, so that they could request stories about Wonder Girl and her fishy friend instead of adult super-heroine action. At least young Diana longed to become Wonder Woman, which her mother Hippolyta assured her required study and exercise. With four teachers, Diana practiced speaking caveman, French, Spanish and Martian. Later, she worried about passing a test to remain aloft for thirty minutes by gliding on air currents. Flying to close to the sea, Diana was pulled underwater by Mer-Boy, who had something important to ask her. The princess was furious Mer-Boy had caused her to fail her test, and told him she had no time for anything but developing into Wonder Woman so she could help people in peril.

Suddenly, the teens were attacked by an octopus and a shark, leaving Wonder Girl hauling an unconscious Mer-Boy to safety at the surface. Unfortunately, Mer-Boy was faking to stick close to Diana, hoping she would let him pin her and serve as escort to an underwater party. Diana was furious at the deception, and declared she never wanted to see Mer-Boy again! On land, Wonder Girl's teachers chastised her for being distracted by a boy.

Mer-Boy's friends kept asking about Wonder Girl, while he prayed to Neptune things would work out. Diana made a point of remaining on Paradise Island, where no man can set foot, to avoid the lovesick lad. Finally, Mer-Boy managed to sky-write a message to her with flying fish, making Diana "a laughing stock" amongst the amazons. The Amazon Teenager wished to confront her jilted suitor, but he kept writing her love notes in dangerous places, forcing Wonder Girl to save him from a roc and a giant sea turtle.

Mer-Boy wouldn't stop writing proclamations of love all over the sea, and inadvertently awoke an aquatic dinosaur. The Mer-Boy risked his life to lure the beast away from "my darling," and she returned the favor by enduring the shock of an enormous electric eel that shed set upon the dinosaur. The Amazon Teenager was impressed by Mer-Boy's bravery, and was honored to wear his seashell fraternity pin. The young couple climbed onto a giant seahorse, since Mer-Boy wouldn't "let my best girl swim to the party!"


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