Saturday, August 7, 2010

DC75: Princess Diana--Diana Prince (Sensation Comics #1, 1942)

Wonder Woman had flown Captain Steve Trevor from Paradise Island back to the States for medical observation. Immediately, the Amazing Amazon's appearance attracted attention. After a foiled robbery and automobile chase, Wonder Woman ended up earning money in a stage act. No one remembers any of this, though.

What you may recall, if you remember the days before the George PĂ©rez revamp, was that Princess Diana met an Army nurse named Diana Prince and talked her into switching places. Each woman could be with the man they loved, Wonder Woman would gain a civilian identity, and the real Diana Prince would get-- a health bribe?!? Forgot about that part, too...

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LissBirds said...

This little scene is full of such sweetness. I find it a lot easier to like Wonder Woman during her WWII years than now. It seems that right off the bat that love was a main theme of Golden Age WW stories. I bet that's lacking today. (Though I'm just guessing.)

Diabolu Frank said...

Love's lacking in all comics these days.