Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bizarro Comics: "Wonder Girl vs. Wonder Tot" (2001)

Wonder Girl, with a yawn, was flying at the crack of dawn toward Paradise Island. She spotted Wonder Tot making the same trip up ahead of her. Both were on their way to breakfast with Diana, but there was only one seat available next to her, and it was Tot's turn.
"It depends."
"On what?"
"On who gets there first!"

A red-faced Wonder Tot pursued Wonder Girl, who couldn't resist a premature victory lap, affording Tot the advantage. Wonder Girl caught up, but the force of their flight began knocking over pillars and generally wrecking havoc. Wonder Girl finally gave in, proclaiming Tot the fastest, but the little kid couldn't stop herself from speeding toward the ground. Wonder Girl managed to catch her by the ankle at the last second. After the race, all of the Amazons were sore, so both girls were placed on serving detail before receiving their own breakfast.

I wasn't won over by this story from Andi Watson and Mark Crilley. The art was nice enough, as was the coloring by Lee Loughridge, but it was mostly just a bunch of silent panels without any comedic punch. Also, the nerd in me must point out that neither character could fly in the source comics so much as glide on wind currents, plus at least one if not both of them were younger versions of Diana herself, so what was the big deal?


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