Saturday, November 12, 2011

Justice League: Cry for Justice #7 (April, 2010)

Prometheus' master plot involved shunting most of DC's hero-specific fictional cities to other dimensions in order to inflict emotional trauma on the caped psyche, but that didn't pan out as intended, and instead just one heroic hometown shook to pieces. As many heroes as able descended on Star City, a quake-riddled shambles. The wanton destruction pleased Prometheus, regardless of his plans' broader failure. Donna Troy made the scene, without the slightest sign of her wounds, lifting debris over her head with bent wrists. Who knew the JLA Satellite had a purple healing ray installed? Donna Troy located the female archer Speedy, who was supposed to be watching Lian Harper instead of chasing the Electrocutioner. Flying back to Roy's apartment, they learned Green Arrow and Black Canary had already found the little girl's body.

Dr. Midnight worked to save Roy Harper's life. Various heroes tried to locate and disarm Prometheus' devices, while others aided Star City's distressed citizens. Only half of this effort saw much success, as Prometheus had already accounted for all the heroes' powers and abilities in defusing his plot-bombs. A similar accounting prevented anyone from successfully interrogating the villain.

Prometheus, bound securely to a chair, made a simple demand with a smile. "Free me and the death ends." The crew in the satellite couldn't make that decision alone, so a teleconference was established for other heroes to have a voice. Hawkman was adamantly opposed. Black Canary didn't see a choice. Wonder Woman said, "I don't bargain with killers." Jay Garrick saw a greater good at stake, as did Starman. Starfire and Animal Man couldn't reach a decision. Congorilla was in favor, Vixen said "don't!" It was a speech by Green Arrow that convinced everyone that the living were more important than principles or justice for the dead. Prometheus gave up his secret codes, then walked.

Prometheus returned to his otherdimensional hideout and the drooling Ira Quimby. Somehow, Green Arrow had followed him there. An emerald bolt pierced Prometheus' brainpan. Oliver Queen declared, "Justice." The seventh and final chapter of Cry For Justice, “Justice” was by James Robinson, Scott Clark, Mauro Cascioli and Ibraim Roberson with David Beaty.

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