Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2002 DC Direct Justice League Animated: Wonder Woman Maquette

Sculpted by Karen Palinko
Pre-solicited; in stores March 13, 2002.

DC Direct presents its first ever line of Maquettes, beginning with the JUSTICE LEAGUE ANIMATED: WONDER WOMAN MAQUETTE! Featuring the super-heroes as they will appear in the exciting new Justice League WB Animation series appearing on the Cartoon Network in the Fall of 2001. Throughout 2002, DC Direct will exclusively produce Maquettes of all the characters from the JLA Animated series including: Martian Manhunter, Superman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, the Flash, and Batman…at a very affordable price! Stands approximately 9 1/8" overall on a base. Packaged in a 4-color box.

Retailers, please note: The JUSTICE LEAGUE ANIMATED: WONDER WOMAN MAQUETTE is manufactured to order, so only limited quantities may be available for reorder. Final product may differ from image shown. This item is pre-solicited. Orders must be placed with those for December-released product, solicited in next month's issue of Previews.

FC, Maquette $89.95

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