Thursday, February 21, 2013

2011 “Vil7: Circe Cubee” by Joshua Wolf

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From what I've read on the internet, a "cubee" is a form of paper craft, like origami or folded airplanes or those things girls put on their fingers to predict the future. You print them out on a piece of paper, cut out as directed, then fold and apply adhesives until you have a crude blocky figure sitting on your desk. As you might have noted from my thinly veiled disdain, this isn't really my kind of thing, though I bet they're fun to design.

Joshua Wolf's output would bear that out, as he has dozens of galleries spanning the spectrum of geek media devoted to turning characters cubee. Circe was one of the earliest inclusions in his subset devoted to villains, and this was her most current look at the time, based on appearances in issues during the Gail Simone/Aaron Lopresti run on Wonder Woman. I wasn't a fan of that, either, and their Circe was pretty off-model, so this ain't my bag, either.

Joshua Wolf's Villains Cubees

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