Sunday, March 31, 2013

2011 “Vil7: Giganta Cubee” by Joshua Wolf

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If I find a deviantARTist I like, I sometimes struggle going through their gallery, trying to find illustrative representations related to the Amazing Amazon that aren't just Wonder Woman posed in different ways. This hasn't been a problem with "The Flying Dachshund," since he's been very generous in covering the Wonder Woman rogues gallery. With so many options to choose from to follow up Vil7: Circe Cubee, I finally decided to spotlight the one most in need of further exploration.

I've passed by the Giganta page several times, wondering where the rest of her was, because all I could see was a head. I finally decided to brave a download, and sure enough, the giantess has two additional cubes to canvas her full form. Right on!

Joshua Wolf's Villains Cubees

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