Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Wonder Woman Movie Fan Casting: Rhona Mitra as The Cheetah

Rhona Mitra is an actress who has often been fan-cast as Wonder Woman, which works on a purely superficial level. She has toned model looks with a sculpted face and action movie chops. Unfortunately, she's just not very charismatic or inspiring, which I think are far more essential qualities for the Amazing Amazon. Mitra is also prone to "good guy" roles, which just makes her subdued personality come across that much flatter. I honestly think she needs a nice, ridiculous, over the top villainess role to get in touch with her inner Liz Hurley. Mitra would probably most enjoy Barbara Minerva, so she could put on glasses and fake intellectual for a few scenes to feel better about hamming it up for the cat suit. I'd prefer her as the Alex Ross version of Priscilla Rich. That way, if the performance gets dicey, the creepy suit can do more of the acting for her.

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Count Drunkula said...

Hah! She was on my short list for Cheetah in my Justice League fan-cast project. When I get back to posting that saga, I'll reveal who I cast as Wonder Woman's foe.

karl said...

I hope youre watching the all-action tv show Strike Back; Vengeance and the current series Strike Back; Shadow Warfare as Miss Mitra is VERY good in that, very powerful and kick-ass.
Ive heard Olga Kuryenko [from the Bond film Quantum of Solace ] has auditioned for the role of WW.

Diabolu Frank said...

Haven't seen a single episode of Strike Back, aside from the boobie scenes they run (nigh-weekly) at Egotastic. I'm not as confident as the rumor columnists that the Superman vs. Batman role Kuryenko is up for is Wonder Woman. Elodie Young and Gal Gadot are also supposed to be up for it. Ehhhh.