Monday, May 19, 2014

Wonder Woman and the Star Riders Kellogg's Cinnamon Mini Buns Mini-Comic (1993)

"East of the sun and west of the moon lies a magical place, home to five beautiful heroines, who have sworn to protect Earth... Wonder Woman, Amazon Princess! Ice, ruler of the frozen north! Starlily, gentle champion whose touch makes deserts bloom! Dolphin, denizen of the deep blue seas! Solara, child of the blazing sun!"
Princess Diana ordered the Star Riders to convene at their council room to discuss Purrsia the Sorceress' theft of magic jewels that "protect the sun, air, ice, and plants!" Earth was descending into eco-chaos, except the seas, as that jewel remained well hidden. However, Purrsia was spying on the meeting with her crystal ball and her dark pet Panthera. "When my collection of magic gems is complete, the Star Riders will recognize their true leader-- not that spineless Wonder Woman, with her ancient codes of justice! I will be the true protector of the Earth! The queen of the universe!"

Purrsia rode her flying jaguar to the Star Riders' lair, and using her magical mask, located Dolphin's gem in her vanity drawer. Dolphin sensed the theft, and rushed to her gem. A slumber gem took out the "sisterhood of saps," all except Dolphin, who shielded herself in a bubble and continued pursuit.

Dolphin took her white Pegasus "Cloudancer" to a land already ravaged by Purrsia wicked misuse of the gems, but was soon captured in a net by the sorceress. However, the other Star Riders were fast behind. While Purrsia blasted Ice with purple energy from one of her gems, Solara tried to make her "see the light" with rays of her own. Wonder Woman rescued Ice and let loose a cat pun while Purrsia continued to hurl invective against the Star Riders. "This battle will determine who is right and who is left... and that will be me!" Despite this proclamation, Panthera was frightened by an illusion of a larger cat projected from Wonder Woman's wand, and its mistress was arrested.

Bound by the Lasso of Truth, Purrsia expressed remorse and a desire to join the Riders, but Diana placed the condition of fixing the damage she had done first. While the Star Riders used their gems to fix the Earth, Purrsia used hers to manifest a thunderstorm, re-appropriate Solara's gem and escape. Starlily cursed, "She purred her way into our home, then betrayed our trust!" Purrsia was bound to retake the gems in the future, but Wonder Woman was equally fervent to not only stop her, but to someday redeem Purrsia.

For more on Mattel's aborted Wonder Woman and the Star Riders toy line/cartoon/comics, look no further.


karl said...

~Why hasn't DC ever collected this in a Trade? It has a delightful Harry G. Peter style about it.

Diabolu Frank said...

There's probably a big ol' knot of rights issues around this thing because of the toys/animation. Not worth all the trouble and attorney's fees.