Monday, November 23, 2015

Podcast: Wonder Woman '77 Special #2

Episode #2

Five months later, the Diana Prince Wonder Woman podcast returns for a second installment! We'll discuss that, including plans to rev up the show's production in 2016. Diabolu Frank spends most of the episode dressing down The Cheetah, then moves on to the brief return of the 1970s Wonder Woman television series' digital-first comic book adaptation, as well as addressing your lengthy, lovely letters.

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Count Drunkula said...

I've missed this show!

Cheetah is one of my favorite DC villains and, for my money, Wonder Woman's most pure archenemy as opposed to Ares. My favorite incarnation is the Cheetah from JUSTICE. It's Prescilla Rich, but amped up with Minerva's powers and ferocity. The way Ross depicts her stitched-together skinsuit costume is amazing, like a twisted female Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs gone kinky furry. I love that she sacrifices cheetahs to take their power. It gives her a spiritual/mythical quality that feels appropriate for a Wonder Woman villainess that isn't descended directly from the Olympian pantheon.

Anj said...

Glad the show is back as well.

I am mostly a fan of the original Cheetah but have never considered her to be the 'antithesis' villain of Diana. But she has the look for toys which made her so obvious a choice for the Super Friends. The Minerva Cheetah just showed up in a Sensation Comics story drawn by JLGL (PBHN) which is worth checking out for the art alone.

For me, Dr. Psycho is the ultimate villain, a hideous male with mental powers who wants to subjugate women is the exact opposite of Diana. But hard to put a sexist misogynist on a Saturday morning cartoon. I suppose Paula Von Gunther or Veronica Cale could be the 'Lex' of Diana. But also hard to put them on the cartoon as they would just be female versions of Luthor.

Glad to hear your thoughts on the runs people talked about. I haven't collected WW since Azz/Chiang left. And the warrior first, Stepford wife in SM/WW is insulting.

Look forward to next season's podcast.