Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Podcast: A Final Adventure of Wonder Woman (1985)

Episode #4

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This episode finally, irrevocably breaks from its previous incarnation as a podcast! A seasonal/bi-annual show no more! No longer only coming out only when an issue of Wonder Woman '77 corresponds with the episode number! This edition, we cover an entire story arc, encompassing the entire (very brief) run of Wonder Woman's first female writer, Mindy Newell! That's "Tropidor Heat" & "A World in Chaos!" & " To Everything a Season..." from Wonder Woman #326-328 (July-December, 1985) plus the concluding 48-page story of the original volume, "Of Gods and Men," written by Gerry Conway! Don Heck draws most of this swan song to the Pre-Crisis Amazing Amazon, with a little help from Pablo Marcos. We also read excerpts from magazine articles and letters columns contemporaneous to the end of this era, and look forward to the next, which signals the changes coming to this show in celebration of the 75th anniversary year!

In the meantime, do check out Wonder Woman: Warrior for Peace: A podcast that explores the history of Wonder Woman on page and screen. It's currently five episodes deep chronologically covering the Golden Age, Iron Age, New 52, and 1970s TV show!

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