Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Podcast-- Operation: Cheetah (1992)

Episode #13

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Finally, we're talking about the William Messner-Loebs run on Wonder Woman, the host's favorite series of Amazing Amazon adventures! Unfortunately, the transition out of George Pérez's long and well regarded run isn't the smoothest. We chart some of the bumps along the way from War of the Gods to Wonder Woman Special #1 & Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #63. Bonus interview material read from Amazing Heroes #197 featuring Loebs, artist Jill Thompson, and editors Tom Peyer & Dan Thorsland discussing thoughts early in the run, story plans that never came about, and more!

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Anj said...

Thanks again for a great episode. I had seen the cover for WW #63 before but wasn't aware of the significance if the 'I'm back'. I didn't know about the months off. And I didn't know the 'special' even existed.

As you say, Bolland's covers are fantastic and he does a great job with Diana. I ended up getting the latter part of the Messner-Loeb run because of Bolland. His cover of WW#88 with Superman was so fantastic I bought the issue. I then went back and bought the prior handful of issues and collected the book moving forward.

Certainly, in recent times, WW has had a murderers row of cover artists - Bolland, Hughes, JG Jones, and I'd put Aaron Lopresti in there too.

Count Drunkula said...

Great episode! I am woefully ignorant of the Messner-Loebs era of Wonder Woman, only having read a handful of the issues around ZERO HOUR when Deodato was on art.

This story sounds great, if for no other reason than I've wanted to see Wonder Woman fight Deathstroke for a long time. Specifically, I've wanted to see a very one-sided fight between them. About ten years ago, I indulged in a flight of fancy and started plotting out the Wonder Woman stories I would tell if ever given the chance to write the character for a year or two. One of the stories involved Diana beating the ever-loving shit out of Slade.

I was hoping some more Loebs issues would get the trade paperback treatment when her movie comes out, but I haven't seen any evidence of that. I suppose I'll have to get them on ComiXology. Anyway, good episode, as always!