Wednesday, April 3, 2024

DCOCD Podcast Episode 60- Trial of the Amazons

It's been about 1½ years since I've done anything with Wonder Woman blogging, and a smidge longer since I last podcast about her, so this month should mark a substantial uptick in Amazing Amazon output. First up, I was recently a guest on Flanger's DCOCD Podcat, alongside Tom Panarese of Pop Culture Affidavit. On DCOCD, "your favourite Australian podcast hosts will discuss a DC Comics Event, as they occur in chronological order..." This is actually my second Themysciran discussion on the show, as Dr. Anj of Supergirl Comic Box Commentary once pulled together an emergency episode when Flanger was briefly stranded in the United States. It just speaks to my neglect that I never got out a post about DCOCD Podcast Episode 11- WONDER WOMAN: THE CONTEST. So hey, if you missed it in 2018, that's two new shows for you! I'm unusually kind toward "The Contest,"* and exceptionally cruel toward "Trial of the Amazons," so consider this your due warning... You can listen to DCOCD 60 HERE!

* It's still the 11th ranked DC event on their ladder. "Trial of the Amazons" is... not.

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