Sunday, May 16, 2010

2008-10 Wonder Woman & Spider-Man versus the Hulk by Gilbert Monsanto

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Besides just wanting to have a place for myself to talk about Wonder Woman and related characters, I started this blog so that the heroine could have a more text heavy and prolific blog than Amazon Princess. A regular haunt of mine, AP usually only added one or two image posts a week, but they've gone nuts lately with a slew of posts, two involving Bayan Knights artist Gilbert Monsanto. Check the Art Adams influence in his recent art here and here. Anyway, I strolled through his Deviant Art Gallery and CAF pages for more, and found enough material for several additional posts, but this one interested me most.

Recalling 1997's DC/Marvel: Unlimited Access mini-series, we see Princess Diana and Peter Parker re-teamed, this time against the Incredible Hulk. Monsanto also pitted the Amazing Amazon against Ms. Marvel in his MARVEL vs DC spread complete.

I added a date range because the artist seems to have penciled this art around 2008, but only just recently inked it for sale on eBay. The image is 11" x 17" on artboard.

As an aside, I couldn't find the Martian Manhunter in any of these pieces, which makes me sad. I'm guessing with dated references to characters like the friggin' Micronauts, Monsanto is from the generation that was disinterested in J'Onn J'Onzz, or found him in some way illegitimate as a major player.


monsanto said...

Then I guess, I'll have to make a Martian Manhunter piece very soon. :)

-Gilbert Monsanto

Diabolu Frank said...

Heck yeah! :)