Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Top 5 Ares/Mars God of War Covers

The Amazing Amazon has been in conflict with the God of War from the start, but the "official," consistent threat of the modern Ares launched with the second Wonder Woman series in 1987. Ares was one of the three favorite villains used throughout that volume's near twenty year span, but has been largely absent in recent time, although his son got up to a good deal of wickedness over in Teen Titans. Surprisingly, his long term presence in the comics has never been reflected in covers, so I've combined Ares with the Pre-Crisis Mars, and will still barely squeeze out a top 5 list...

5) Wonder Woman #310 (December, 1983)

4) Wonder Woman #206 (July, 1973)

3) Wonder Woman #215 (January, 1975)

2) Wonder Woman #82 (January, 1994)

1) Wonder Woman #6 (July, 1987)

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