Sunday, June 12, 2011

2010 Wonder Woman Twin Pocket Folder Style #1490DC

Maybe you folks are lucky enough to have the summer off, but I started my latest semester this week, which will probably be a doozy. That means school supplies, and this time, I did some of my shopping at Target. They had a dynamic selection of Wonder Woman folders I hadn't seen before, even if they were twice Wall*Mart's price (a whole dollar each!)

This particular folder is unique when compared to every other one I've seen in this series. First off, the original cover image is pretty much completely unaltered. The UPC code and the artist's signature have been removed, but this is otherwise an exact reproduction, including the forty-cent cover price! Those were the days an entire comic cost less than half the price of a stinkin' folder! On the other hand, I doubt this image has ever been printed so well, on high gloss heavy stock paper. I usually hate the Amazing Amazon with a sword, but this sort of thing was novel back then, and I dig the Plain Jane scabbard. You can tell this was something lying around that she just grabbed in a hurry, as opposed to the overly stylized, downright fetishistic weapons she's been known to have forged in recent years. I love how the background color hold tells a story unto itself, with the promise that inside you'll learn about "Incredible!! The Battle with the Body Snatcher from Space!" This image was by Jose Delbo and Dick Giordano, and was published in 1979's Wonder Woman #253

Again, not only does this folder have a non-cropped front cover reproduction, but the backside got the same treatment related to an entirely different comic book issue. This time though, the cover is reduced greatly, and rendered black and white. As you can see, both sides feature a drab dark purple backdrop, I suppose to try to carry on from the color hold on the first cover. Anyway, the second piece is from José Luis García-López, once again inked by Dick Giordano. Like the front cover, the version of Wonder Woman #306 published in 1983 featured a full color foreground with a color hold behind it, that time in red. All of the other folders I discussed here previously that were released in 2010 had the DC Comics 75th Anniversary logo on the back, so featuring this art in any form marks quite the deviation.

The inside flaps feature cropped stock art of Princess Diana working a lasso. You can tell that they're blown up a bit too large for their own good, and that background color is not winning, but they're still cute.

I bought a whole batch of Wonder Woman folders, but couldn't find any matching notebooks in stock. I'm pretty sure this specific folder was found under a box somewhere, because it was the only one of its kind, dated a year prior to the rest, and in rough shape. Still, this is my Wonder Woman, so I'm happy to have one more of these ginchy goodies.

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