Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 DC Fifty-TOO! Wonder Woman #1 by Nathan Fox

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You might have heard DC Comics was rebooting everything in their line at issue #1 as part of their "New 52" titles. This inspired Washington-based cartoonist Jon Morris to fire off some emails. "Fifty-two artists (and then some) responded, and that brings us here - DC FIFTY-TOO, The New DC Universe as imagined by fifty-two independent cartoonists." One such artist is Nathan Fox, who seems to understand how thoroughly everything goes out the window for the Amazing Amazon in these reboots. Diana seems to have about the same attitude about that as the rest of us.

Fox writes...
"As a father of two daughters, one of which idolizes Wonder Woman - even before she can independently read a comic book - it is my hope that whomever picks up the torch from her on out, will give due justice and respect to the women characters in comics as well as the female readers of comics. "Men", for lack of a better term, will always be "served", but when strong female characters take the lead among men and carry the torch, as a father AND artist, it is something truly remarkable to behold. When you witness that kind of iconic inspiration on paper reflected in an anxious and impressionable girls eyes (guys too...). Anything becomes possible at that age and as long as "she" (The hero and the reader) is in the right and not wrong, she never has to take "no" for an answer, be backed into a corner or be ashamed of who she is, where she comes from or what she can become. Wonder Woman is an american icon as much as she is a role model, a beautiful amazon woman and kicker of much evil ass. I hope she never fades - as much as I hope she will continue to evolve and inspire millions."

Fox continues, and offers a detailed biography, at DC Fifty-TOO!

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