Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wonder Woman #8 (Late June, 2007)

Hippolyta was back from the dead, asking Circe where her daughter was, rather than “Why am I not dead?” or “ Where is Imperiex?” or “What is your evil sorceress bitch-ass doing on my island?” Meanwhile, Wonder Woman remained trapped in an energy cell while the U.S. government tried to extort information of Themysciran weapons technology. Also, Tom Tresser had a boner for Wonder Woman (unlike his dumb old partner; a stunning, statuesque brunette in skintight white leather) as he explained to the V & V bartender and Sarge Steel, toward whom Tom seemed rather insubordinate and resignation prone (without saying the actual words.)

Circe visited Diana to make a “morality is relative” argument to try to corrupt… need I really go on? Do you not already know Tom Tressor used his mastery of disguise to impersonate Sarge Steel and bust Wonder Woman loose? Diana punched Tom to try to cover for his actions, but since the agency wasn’t full of morons, that didn’t work. Instead, they both escaped, only to learn Amazons were laying siege to Washington D.C. It all went back to Circe conspiring with Sarge Steel… maybe.

"Love and Murder, Part 3" was by Jodi Picoult, Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson. I'm out of gripes. It's like "What If... Jeph Loeb had a run?" My circuits have overloaded.

Brave New World

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