Friday, February 24, 2012

1966 Wonder Woman "The Return of Brunhilde" Audio Play

Taken from the Sythetic Plastics Company's Wonder Woman 45RPM record is this dumb loungey theme song and a "Power Records" style story (sans comic book and any other semblance of comparable quality.) Is it terrible? Yes it is. In what way? It stars an imbecilic Steve Trevor pitted against the worst Nazi accents you may ever hear, and "Diane" Prince doesn't even get mentioned until nearly four minutes into the 7¼ minute story. It takes another minute for Prince to become much of an active participant, and Wonder Woman herself doesn't show until around the six minute mark. Both sides were offered the same year on the Tifton LP Songs and Stories About the Justice League of America, and Power Records repackaged it with swank Neal Adams artwork in 1975.

Thanks to Shag for inspirado!


Anonymous said...

This brings back memories. I had the 1975 version as a kid, and it drove me crazy that that they called her "Diane."

Even worse was the "Justice League Roll Call" song on the LP. The voice of Wonder Woman on that track was clearly a middle aged guy doing a very bad female impersonation.

Still, that song -- the entire album really -- stuck in my head all these years...

Diabolu Frank said...

Oh God-- that roll call tranny was not a memory I needed conjured.

Aside from the Lucy Lawless vibe, "Diane" wasn't half bad.