Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Huntress #4 (March, 2012)

Helena hopped into a bikini, borrowed a speedboat, and flirted with one of Moretti's bodyguards for no discernible reason. Those two reporters fed Helena more information. Both parties commented on bruises from Helena's combat last issue, but the artist and colorist didn't actually offer anything visible.

That night, Ibn Hassan demeaned some more women, which made the eavesdropping Huntress gag. Some police spotted her outside his room and opened fire. She fired a crossbow and started swinging across the city like friggin' Spider-Woman.

The Chairman's plans to find amnesty in Italy progressed.

Helena had another lunch with the reporters. Massive credit to the artist for not swiping himself from every other time everything that has happened in this issue so far happened in the first three issues.

Helena saw a cat. That night, on a boat, Huntress took a catnap. It really isn't cute anymore. Huntress drugged most of the crew with hypodermic needles, but goons still answered when an alarm went off. One guy managed to slice Huntress in the side with a knife. Still, the bad guys got their asses kicked. Moretti was then left to the "mercy" of the women he'd exploited. As dawn broke, the reporters picked up Huntress in the speed boat, while a splashing sound was heard that would appear to indicate Moretti was tied up and thrown overboard.

"Crossbow at the Crossroads: Part Four" was copied and pasted by Paul Levitz, with the artistic talents of Marcus To and John Dell wasted drawing the same stuff over and over.

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karl said...

A disappointing series so far, and I cant see it getting any better noow its nearing the end. Its all a tad too much Modesty Blaise-like for me.
For me, Joe Staton back in the day was the only one who truly 'got' the Huntress. At least for now Im looking forward to this new Earth-Two series with her paired up with Power Girl [despite the silly new costumes as a distraction].

Diabolu Frank said...

I liked Jerry Ordway very much. With Staton I needed a strong inker like Patterson or Layton to gussy him up.