Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1976 Wonder Woman Season One Animated Opening Theme

There are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the reasons for the lack of Wonder Woman in movies, television, and animation. For instance, Warner Bros. Animation announced that there would be no sequel to the 2009 Wonder Woman DC Universe Animated Original Movie. The rational given by Bruce Timm? "We had originally planned to do sequels for Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, but Wonder Woman’s sales started out extremely slow and then over time were eventually able to catch up to probably Justice League Frontier. The Execs decided because it wasn’t able to sell quickly right away, whereas Justice League was, that there wouldn’t be any more female super hero films right now. We were developing and hoping to get started on a Batgirl film based on Year One, but because of Wonder Woman’s slow sales start, that won’t be happening now."

Never mind that Wonder Woman remains the 4th bestselling movie of the line in dollars and units sold, earning nearly half again over any of the Justice League movies, and selling 100,000 copies more than the most popular Green Lantern D2DVD. Even more galling is the fact that it was the first and remains the only Wonder Woman cartoon... ever! Her first animated appearance was on an episode of The Brady Kids in 1972, with Super Friends arriving the following year. Wonder Girl Donna Troy beat her by five years through appearances in three segments of "Teen Titans" on 1967's The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure. Well, at least we had three seasons of the Wonder Woman live action TV series, rivaled only by Batman in the catchiness of the theme and the spiffyness of the limited animation opening...

The next time the New 52 Wonder Woman hacks somebody to pieces with a sword, think about how little that jibes with her own theme song lyrics (by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox, as performed by the New World Symphony...)
Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.
All the world is waiting for you,
and the power you possess.
In your satin tights,
Fighting for your rights
And the old Red, White and Blue.

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.
Now the world is ready for you,
and the wonders you can do.
Make a hawk a dove,
Stop a war with love,
Make a liar tell the truth.

Wonder Woman,
Get us out from under,
Wonder Woman.
All our hopes are pinned upon you.
And the magic that you do.
Stop a bullet cold,
Make the Axis fold,
Change their minds, and change the world.

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.
You're a wonder, Wonder Woman.

There's a bunch of content crossover in this multi-blog-- um-- crossover, so I avoided advertising the 1967 Teen Titans intro with Wonder Girl Donna Troy. However, why don't we watch it, too...

Here come the Teen Titans, a quartet of towering talent! Kid Flash, whose speed defies the eye to follow! Wonder Girl, swift and powerful super lass! Speedy, whose fantastic arrows perform awesome feats! Aqualad, bold and daring marine marvel! Fabulous foursome for right against might! The Teen Titans!


Bubbashelby said...

The Wonder Woman animated film was also, in this fans opinion, one of (if not THE) best direct to DVD DC animated features since the run began. I've siad it before and I'll say it again: Amazombies! COME ON!

I would LOVE a sequel and Batgirl: Year One being one of the best Batgirl stories ever written, I would LOVE an animated feature of that as well. But NOOOO!

Stupid execs!

Hero Supreme said...

You guys made my day! Hope Animated Anthem Day is an annual event.

Diabolu Frank said...

Eric, I kind of hated the WW movie at first, but I re-watched it recently, and realized a lot of that was my own baggage. I wrote up a review that I'll have to get published in short order. I think I'd prefer a sequel, since I'd get a much bigger kick out of a more episodic piece with fun villains like Dr. Psycho, Cheetah, and the rest. The heavier they lean on sword and sandal epics, the harder I check out.

H.S., glad you dug them all!