Friday, June 22, 2012

1996 Wonder Woman Gallery art by Mike Wieringo

I really dug this take on Wonder Woman, and I would have vastly preferred John Byrne's run on the book if he'd written it for 'Ringo.


karl said...

I always found Wieringo's art rather childish and 'Simpsons'-lite. I only ever followed it on his Fantastic Four run and felt it wasnt 'serious' enough for the hard-hitting storylines like 'Unthinkable'.
Still, this picture is extremely nice indeed. Loving the bracelets!
If memory serves me correctly I think this pic comes from the one-off Wonder Woman Gallery pin-up issue from the mid 90s.

Diabolu Frank said...

I didn't like Ringo when he was first earning his name on the Flash, and I can see where his cartoonish style could hurt certain types of books. On the other hand, there was a sweetness and accessibility to his work recalling Bill Watterston, and there are some books that need that baseline of humanity. His work on Tellos was incredible, and in a perfect world, he would have had a revered run on Captain Marvel. By the time he died, I'd really come to appreciate what he brought to the field.

Yeah, this piece was from that pin-up book. I ran across a batch of them available for embedding, so when I'm not up for doing my own scanning, I plug them in.