Thursday, June 7, 2012

2011 Diabolu Frank corners DIANA PRINCE

I've been following "Calamity" Jon Morris' irregular but often hilarious Gone & Forgotten for a while now, and have checked out his various art blogs from time to time. When he announced the weekdaily Cornered, which asks artists to do cover/parody versions of old (& imagined) corner box art, I not only followed the blog, but hankered to contribute. However, I was never a very good artist drawer, and my chops have dulled considerably from their least blunted days long past. I also have very little time, and inadequate tools to compete in the digital arena. After several attempts at doing a corner for Diana Prince, I still had nothing I was willing to show anybody.

On the 12th of April of 2011, "Calamity" Jon sent out a request for more entries, because his backlog was getting thin, and I hoped desperation would lower his standards to my level. One day, a week later, I was sitting in another boring lecture for a class that consisted of the "teacher" reciting with poor pronunciation off Powerpoints. I decided to screw off like I was back in junior high. I blew up the banner from this blog on my laptop, did a pencil rough on the back inside cover of my notebook, and inked it in with a ballpoint pen. The results were thoroughly unimpressive, but at least I felt relief from having done something besides keeping drool off my desk. I scanned the picture at the house, dolled it up as best as possible in MS Paint, and fired it off as a submission.

Over a year later, and I've never gotten any kind of rejection letter, and I ended up getting bored with the Cornered blog anyway. Still, I've had this post lining the bird cage all this time, waiting for the day I was unashamed enough to use it for filler. That day has come.

Based on corner art from Wonder Woman #191.

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karl said...

Oh, its okay! Not too bad.