Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2010 “Death of Wonder Woman” color art by Craig C. Cermak II

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Sorry to go so long without a post, but I had a Top Five personal worst sickness last week. It's a point of personal pride that I usually have to induce vomiting on the rare occasions I succumb to the need, so involuntary projectile puking was a new, humbling experience for me.
"Assignment where I had to put in about 6 different types of vegetation with a figure who was killed against the base of a tree. I chose to use Wonder Woman, because I... I am addicted to DC... and I had it so she reverted to clay upon death. As legend goes, she was molded from clay by the queen of the Amazons."
My next-to-last post featured this same artist, and that's due to his clearly having a love of the breadth of characters in the DC Universe after my own heart. He's demonstrated great facility with many of them, but I confess that his Wonder Woman art has tended to turn up more as an obligatory inclusion here than as a compulsory one. I also have a noted lack of fondness for the armed and armored Amazing Amazon, depicted here. However, I was won over by the somber mood of the piece, which recalled Mike Sekowsky's classic two part story from The New Wonder Woman #183 with the leafy grave and #184 with the fallen warrior.

Cermak allows viewers to follow the many developmental stages of the piece, from pencils to inks to colors. You can really see the time and effort put into this one.

Craig C. Cermak II

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