Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2011 “Wonder Woman DCnU” color art by Ramon Villalobos

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"Take my opinion with a grain of salt (because I have no sense of style whatsoever) but I kind of like this costume. It’s certainly one of the better costumes to come out of the relaunch even with the weird choker. Maybe I’m just letting my love for Cliff Chiang’s art blind me and I’m rationalizing this. I don’t know. Am I wrong? Does this suck?"
Some artists have natural talent, and others earned their skill along a long hard road. Ramon Villalobos did it that second way. He didn't really start out all that hot back in 2005 when he began using deviantART. He's progressed mightily in the half-dozen years since with a style reminiscent of Frank Quitely, and rates his own gallery appearance today.

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karl said...

That does look VERY Frank Quietly, dosent it? I could almost swear it was his work.