Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 “Goddess and Beast” color art by Kit

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Japanese artist "kit-kit-kit" is clearly a Wonder Woman fan, with a wealth of pieces that could just as easily have been spotlighted here as this awesome battle with the Justice Priscilla Rich Cheetah. You should also check out "Amazon Princess", "Diana Prince" "Diana of Themyscira" "The goddess came" and "Queen of the Amazons".

Color art by kit-kit-kit


karl said...

Didnt understand Anonymous's comment AT ALL[!].

Anyway...I love seeing WW art over on DeviantArt; it always has such a fascinating collection of homemade design of WW pics. Have you seen that major pic of WW, Queen Hippoyta, Artemis, Cassie and Donna together? First seen in black and white and then in colour its magnificent. I know that plenty of female artists post stuff of WW on DeviantArt as they feel some art elsewhere is too sexual and dosent capture the true 'feel' of Diana.

Diabolu Frank said...

Anonymous' comment has been redacted for the good of all who might have tried to read it in the future. Where was my spam blocker, I wonder?

If you know the artist, I'll scope the "family" picture. Seems we've got a new addition on Earth-2 now, as well.