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Justice League of America Wedding Special #1 (November, 2007)

At the mysterious Hall of Injustice, Cheetah was engaged in a tiff with the Joker, who wouldn't stop staring at her breasts.
"I'm not to be trifled with, clown."
"Lighten up, funbags. Everyone's to be trifled with."
"...One more childish joke at my expense and I'll slit his throat."

Despite her protestations, Cheetah would do no such thing, as she instead continued debating with the Joker over the merits of various super-villains. You see, Lex Luthor had decided to follow the Justice League's recent example of allowing a core trinity to meticulously select a new super-group with which to surrounds themselves. I imagine Cheetah was easier to manage than Circe had been in Luthor's previous Injustice Gang, as he for instance convinced her to allow the inclusion of rapist and murderer Dr. Light to the swelling collective.

The trio took a trip to Manhattan, to collect prospective addition Killer Frost from her recent captor, Firestorm. Luthor temporarily stripped the Nuclear Man of his powers, the Joker subdued him with a laughing toxin, and Cheetah began ripping him to shreds with her claws. Luthor had to pull Cheetah off the young hero, feeling enough was enough. "Matter of opinion."

Leaving Firestorm for dead, the quartet teleported to the newly constructed Hall of Doom, where Killer Frost could join the assembled Injustice League Unlimited. Scores of villains were involved, including the Wonder Woman foes Giganta, Circe, and Dr. Psycho, although they ended up only appearing in the background or on promotional materials. The collective were then sold on a protection racket of Lex Luthor's, where the group would take care of its own for a profit share, as well as preemptively assault super-heroes, like poor Firestorm.

Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl were at the strip club bachelorette party for Black Canary when they were asked to step outside by one of the male dancers. He explained his sister, a nurse, had told him St. Vincent's Hospital was treating the gravely injured Firestorm. The pair headed for the hospital in Greenwich Village, where Kendra expressed concern that Jason Rusch's alter ego would be exposed by this incident. Diana assured her that medical personnel typically "respect the cowl," as in "Doctors tend to treat super heroes without compromising our identities." Firestorm's condition was improving at an encouraging rate, and he was conscious to explain his circumstances to the heroines.

Soon, the pair were attacked at the hospital by Killer Frost, who managed to trap Wonder Woman in ice, and Dr. Light, who fired a laser through Hawkgirl's shoulder. Cheetah also raked the Amazon's back at one point. Kendra drew blood of her own while stabbing Light in the thigh, but at the urging of Diana, escaped to seek help. Everyone involved knew Hawkgirl was allowed to leave, in order to warn the Justice League with that personal touch...

"Unlimited, Chapter 1: Injustice League" was by Dwayne McDuffie, Mike McKone and Andy Lanning.

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