Friday, June 4, 2010

The Top 5 Dr. Psycho Covers

A midget misogynist with mind-bending powers, Dr. Psycho is one of the creepiest cretins in Princess Diana's rogues gallery. Like most longstanding Wonder Woman foes, Dr. Psycho has appeared erratically over the years, with vast expanses of absence interrupted by gluts. Although created in the Golden Age, Psycho sat out much of the Silver years, preferring to plop down for a spell during the latter Bronze period. After that early '80s run, Dr. Psycho took the rest of the decade off, resurfacing toward the end of George Pérez's lengthy run in the early '90s. Psycho was used sparingly thereafter, usually once per writer, until Greg Rucka popularized the character in the mid-00s. Today, Dr. Psycho is among the Amazon Princess' best known and most feared foes...

5) Wonder Woman #6 (June, 1943)

4) Manhunter #20 (May, 2006)

3) Secret Six #5 (December, 2006)

2) Wonder Woman #55 (June, 1991)

1) Wonder Woman #65 (August, 1992)

Earning his name by psychologically torturing a teenaged friend of Diana's over the course of several real time years, contributing to her becoming a super-villainess.

Honorable Mentions:
Sensation Comics #36
Villains United #1
Wonder Woman #289
Wonder Woman #323

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