Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top 10 Cheetah Covers

I like Cheetah alright, but she's never been an especially effective adversary. "Fast and scratchy" doesn't really cut it against Wonder Woman, especially when four decades worth of it involved wearing animal print pajamas. Barbara Minerva is the most lethal-- to random underlings and dudes who aspire to be the Cheetah themselves. Various fixes have been applied, but any villainess who bounces to Catwoman on her off nights has effectively neutered herself as a threat in her day job.

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10)Wonder Woman #3 (March, 2006)

Once again, bad coloring ruined what could have been a Grade-A image. The deep shadows drown the background figures.

9)Wonder Woman #28 (March, 2009)

The coloring on this is also problematic, but in the opposite direction-- too garish instead of too washed out. I'm not feeling the heat, either.

8)Wonder Woman #31 (June, 1989)

Diana and the moon are great, but Cheetah is forced to rely on posture and a tail, making her the weak element.

7)Wonder Woman #222 (December, 2005)

Pretty, but static, and I can't get excited about Wonder Woman so clearly dominating her foe.

6)Sensation Comics #22 (October, 1943)

How weird is that octopus frame? I love the fear in Diana's eyes as the off-panel Cheetah lunges at her.

5)Wonder Woman #160 (February, 1966)

Grabbing Cheetah by the tail and using her to beat a pile on monkeys with human faces? Priceless.

4)Wonder Woman #6 (September, 1943)

The first appearance of Cheetah, and among the more terrifying. What is with those feet? The enormous tail? I dig the leaping, the hair pulling, the big phallic sword-- all to the good.

3)Catwoman #78 (June, 2008)

I've come to realize battles with Cheetah are all about fulfilling violent cat/prison fight fantasies, and that lip bite so goes there.

2)Wonder Woman #230 (April, 1977)

An intentional throwback image to the forties, but all the elements work so well together, who cares about the setting?

1)Wonder Woman #9 (October, 1987)

A callback to my second choice, but on an elevated scale. The debut of the modern incarnation makes an impression for sure!

Honorable Mentions:
Adventures in the DC Universe #3
Justice League of America #195
The Secret Origin of Wonder Woman (Leaf)
Super Friends #1
Wonder Woman #275 (1942 Series)
Wonder Woman #28 (1987 Series)
Wonder Woman #29 (1987 Series)
Wonder Woman #119 (1987 Series)
Wonder Woman #187 (1987 Series)


E. Peterman said...

WW #230 is one of my favorite comic book covers of all time. I had the original, and Cheetah freaked me out for years. It's not her fast-and-scratchy powers that were frightening so much as the crazy. Lots and lots of crazy.

Diabolu Frank said...

I've never read that one, nor most of the '70s stuff. Sounds cool enough raise it higher on my "to buy" list...

E. Peterman said...

The '70s art was quite cool, though I'm sure the stories were goofy. Steve in peril! Nazis! I'm still waiting for someone to do a Nubia story that doesn't make me laugh.

Diabolu Frank said...

Wonder Woman tended to have above average art (depending on your view of Mike Sekowsky) until the '80s, with Chris Marrinan being the first truly awful artist I can think of.

I think I remember the JLApe annual with N'ubia not being completely embarrassing, except the part about it being a JLApe annual.