Monday, September 27, 2010

The Huntress becomes The Prey

My first favorite characters were usual guys introduced to me through the media. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, in something like that order. As I began reading comics, my interest in those initial heroes faded, and I embraced the Marvel Universe. Burning out in the early '90s, I changed horses for DC. For much of that decade, Wonder Woman was my favorite again, but years of terrible stories and a spike in interest for the Martian Manhunter saw me devote a web site to that character. That lasted a few years, and since I had a strong scholarly investment in J'Onn J'Onzz, returning to him was the reason why I started my first blog. I created a second blog, ...nurgh..., for everything else under the sun that interested me, as well as a Justice League Detroit blog, mostly as an early means of helping me organize the Martian Manhunter blog.

I had a high concept blog crossover idea almost a year back, and knowing my favorite Atom blog was long out of commission, I wanted to build a temporary replacement to participate in the event. I figured since I'd built the thing, I could knock out a post once a week or so, make the joint my own, and that's how Power of the Atom was born. However, as much as I like the Mighty Mite, it literally galled me to have an Atom blog and not have one for Wonder Woman. With the possible exception of the Martian Manhunter, there is no other super-hero I have more comic books about or swag for in my collection. I was compelled to create this blog, and I haven't touched the tip of the iceberg here yet.

Therein lies the problem. My Martian Manhunter blog touches on plenty of related topics, from J'Onn's supporting cast to whatever other aliens have crossed his path. The Motor City Justice League blog took on a life of its own, focusing heavily on Zatanna and Aquaman, but spending whatever time with Vixen, Gypsy, Elongated Man, Steel and Vibe that I could find. Many have borne the Atom name, or are related in other ways, but I've still had room enough for Captain Atom and his Charlton Comics cohorts there as well. ...nurgh... meanwhile proved too time consuming and too schizophrenic, trying to set mainstream all-ages DC Comics material alongside some downright scandalous elements from other media. Blue Devil and Black Emanuelle proved too strange a pair of bedfellows, so I started my final blog for the next year or twelve.

DC Bloodlines is intended to be my everything & the kitchen sink DC Comics blog. Whoever doesn't fit into one of my other blogs, or most people's blogs in general, have a home there. My personal emphasis is on cool obscure characters I like, and I'm also trying to keep it culturally diverse. So far, I've spent a lot of time with African-American heroes, but I'm trying to work in more of everybody else. It's also been important to me to have a strong heroine play a role on the blog. Supergirl was an option, but there's already several blogs/sites devoted to her out there, and I didn't want a character so directly derivative of a male counterpart. Power Girl is more independent, but I have a limited selection of books about her, and she's something of a magnet for criticism of sexist portrayals. I don't feel I have the passion to devote to Black Canary, Big Barda, or any of the Batgirls. I've spent some time on Lady Shiva, but she's hardly a role model. Everyone else worthwhile I could think of was already "taken" by another one of my blogs.

Meanwhile, I announced my intention to give the Huntress coverage on this blog, but at my present thrice-weekly posting schedule, the Wonder Woman family has eaten up all available slots. Further, despite my connection of the Huntress and Wonder Woman through the former's having been a longstanding backup in the latter's book when I was growing up, the two characters have little else in common besides their gender. While connected to the Batman Family, the Huntress stands on her own as a unique and compelling super-heroine I would love to devote more time to that her role here seems to allow. Plus, a lot of the DC Bloodlines characters are more street-level, as opposed to the godlings typically roaming these halls. So, rather than continuing to keep the Huntress shuttered here, this bird has flown to another blog. Please adjust your bookmarks/following accordingly, and know the Huntress will stalk DC Bloodlines with greater prominence and regularity than I've managed here...

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