Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 Wonder Woman by Rogan Josh

A while back, before I started this blog, I visited Rogan Josh's modHero gallery. I'm a fan of early-to-mid 20th century advertising art, and I love pieces that your brain has to actively interpret before you fully recognize what you're seeing. This stuff was right up my alley, but I didn't have a place to showcase it at the time. Then Comics Alliance reminded me, and now I can pass the word along. Plus, I totally agree with the artist's sentiments...

It’s come to my attention that in current DC Comics continuity, Wonder Woman no longer travels around in an invisible jet, having gained the power to fly unaided. To this I say, who can tell? It’s invisible! Maybe she’s still using it, but isn’t telling anyone.

Even if she’s not faking, who’s to stop her from taking it out for the occasional spin? Some times, an Amazonian princess sent into this violent and unjust world of men just wants to get above it all and travel first-class, no hassle; to wear the proud spangled hot pants and gold-plated bra of her native people and not get stares. Let the boys in spandex fly around and do their thing. She’s going to kick back with her invisible pomegranate martini and make her own way.

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Themysciran Knight said...

Excellent art work of Diana flying her jet! The jet is an important aspect of Wonder Woman mythology- the freedom and unique way to travel in flight. Diana should keep her toys like Batman keeps his!