Thursday, October 7, 2010

Comic Alliance's The 5 Best Modes of Transportation in Comics

3. Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet

Sometimes an otherwise ordinary thing just needs one tweak before it becomes great. With peanut butter it was chocolate. With sneakers it was little flip-out Rollerblades. With jets, it's invisibility. More specifically, it's the fact that every part of the jet is invisible, while the person flying the jet is completely visible at all times.

Add to that the idea that this invisible jet is given to a character who already flies and can be carried around because it scrunches up into a magical ball that she can carry in her purse, and it adds up to a method of getting around that is just too cheerfully ridiculous to be left off this list. Plus, if the invisible jet is truly standard in all ways, it has to come with some invisible snacks and sodas.

Esther Inglis-Arkell offered up the above very Post-Crisis analysis of the Invisible Plane, and her #1 spot is amazingly also Wonder Woman related (and of recent vintage.) Wonder Woman's ability to fly was always stupidly derivative, especially when you've got a distinctive vehicle that all the normal people in the world recognize you for. Comic geeks want Wonder Woman to be Superman-woman #5, and civilians worry how Aquaman is going to make it to Super Friends meetings without getting an invisible lift. One of these two groups is way more right than the other, so choose your side carefully. Also, read the rest of the article here

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