Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Top 5 Silver Swan Covers

Introduced in the early '80s during Roy Thomas & Gene Colan's run on the latest "new" Wonder Woman, Helen Alexandros was an ugly duckling with divinity in her heritage that was granted powers by Ares to wage war on the Amazing Amazon. After a couple of early success, Silver Swan was defeated by Princess Diana, and her granted powers withdrawn.

George Pérez revived the character Post-Crisis as Valerie Beaudry, a deformed girl turned beautiful and deadly powerful by Henry Cobb Armbruster's industrial resources. Beaudry was eventually convinced by Wonder Woman and friends that Armbruster was using her for his own twisted ends, and retired her super-villainous identity.

Vanessa Kapatelis was one of a long list of Wonder Woman supporting characters tossed aside to make room for an incoming creative team's soon to be similarly forgotten replacement cast. She was brought back as the most current Silver Swan through a group effort of WW foes, and she has the greatest emotional impact of all the Swans due to her prior relationship with Diana.

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