Saturday, November 27, 2010

1991-92 Impel DC Cosmic Cards #76- Troia

A lot of the art choices for this card set felt like nostalgia week at the old pros home, so even though I think this (unused?) Troia costume is even more awful than most, it's a breath of fresh air in context. Ed Barreto had finally left The New Titans after an overlong stay on the inappropriate vehicle, and George Pérez returned just long enough to complete his work ruining Donna Troy begun with the Wonder Woman relaunch. Then along came Tom Grummett, recalling the energy of John Byrne in his prime, but without the cheap shortcuts. Al Vey was his Terry Austin, embellishing the work with kinetic inks that anticipated the Image style. They should have become superstars in their own right, but Grummett broke up the team and switched to a simpler, more cartoonish look, while Vey just sort of faded away.

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