Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Super Friends #24 (April, 2010)

A hotel on Oolong Island hosted a conference of the W.O.R.M.S.-- World Organization for Research of Mad Science! Some of the finest evil eggheads had gathered for the annual event, to showcase their wares and determine who would reign as the greatest criminal genius of all.

Among the attendees were a Bronze Age Wonder Woman villainess and an obscure Silver Age Martian Manhunter foil:
"Nice to meet you, Doctor Cyber. I'm Professor Hugo."
"Professor Hugo Strange?"
"No, Hugo Strange is over there. I'm Professor Hugo."
"Hugo... Strange?"

Meanwhile, Dr. Poison had a chat with Dr. Sivana Junior.

Based on a tip from Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman joined the Super Friends in raiding the event. The Amazing Amazon wrestled with a werewolf minion until it was accidentally hit with a shrink ray by Georgia Sivana. "With this many villains, it's hard for them to attack us without getting in each other's way!" The villains also had their own animosities, as when the robot Super-Duper (sporting a replica of Wonder Woman's head and several heroes' powers) was dismantled by Amazo (possessed of the Justice League founders' abilities,) which was dealt the same blow.

Recalling a Silver Age story, Wonder Woman was almost molested by a giant amoeba, until Aquaman's command of water-based lifeforms allowed him to redirect the threat against its maker, Doc Morhar.

The Super Friends were briefly made to sleep at the mental command of telepathic fiends. Dr. Poison suggested the villains "spray them with a giant tank of poison!" Professor Amos Fortune found that "so obvious!" At the suggestion of Dr. Sivana, a variety of potentially lethal mechanisms were employed against the Super Friends in one big death trap, including Poison's poison. However a brief lapse in the no-goodniks' collective attention was all Wonder Woman and company needed to liberate themselves. Dr. Cyber ordered, "Everyone with ray guns-- fire!" However, the Flash had speedily swiped them all, while Wonder Woman lassoed all the monsters at the scientists' disposal, and Superman dismantled the robots.

The Super Friends visited all the male mad scientists in prison, where Wonder Woman presented to them a giant tomato (*ahem*.) "Your size rays can produce giant food to feed the hungry! Your robots can build houses for the homeless-- not to mention fixing the hotel you damaged!" The bad guys wept that their nefarious contraptions had been used for the good of the world.

"Weird Science" was brought to you by Sholly Fisch, with art credited to Dario Brizuela, although online sources report it was actually J. Bone. Presumably, the same creative team supplied a single page back-up strip, "Mad Science Corner with Doctor Cyber."

"When I'm not busy fighting Wonder Woman, I like to perform fiendish experiments here in my lab. Here's one you can do, to build a volcano in your own kitchen! First, gather everything you'll need. Personally, I usually steal it all. But you should just ask your mom and dad." Cyber went on to explain and demonstrate the science fare staple. "Hmm... you know, with a giant one of these, I bet I could flood the city..."

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