Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1993 Mayfair Games DC Heroes Role-Playing Game Third Edition Wonder Woman Entry

The Mayfair system was one of the best role-playing programs around for super-heroes, and it was cool that Wonder Woman was featured on the foil-enhanced cover of the 3rd edition. Say, does anyone recall Wonder Woman ever getting any other foil covers? None this nifty, anyway-- especially when you factor in that Kevin Maguire drew it!

The Amazing Amazon was one of twenty-nine characters who were provided playable stats "out of the box," but surprisingly was not one of those gifted with a half-page entry, instead squished under Robin & Starfire (Tim Drake, BTW.) I can't place the art, but I'd guess it was someone like Paris Cullins inked by Mike DeCarlo.

Wonder Woman's Dexterity of 13 allowed her to dodge or catch virtually anything, along the lines of Superman, Cheetah and Captain Marvel. Outside of super-speedsters and cosmic entities, she was virtually untouchable. Strength of 16 placed her in the 1,600-6,400 ton range in a tier with Spectre, Martian Manhunter, Solomon Grundy and Lobo. A Body of 13 equated to titanium hardness, typically at or below the likes of Martian Manhunter and Power Girl. Those were the three attributes used to determine the ability to physically hit something, the damage dealt, and the ability to sustain damage.

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An Intelligence of 9 recalled Hawkman, Martian Manhunter and Gorilla Grodd, making them among a select few world authorities on a given subject. Will of 12 yielded fanatical determination that girded one against sanity-threatening situations faced by Batman types. Mind of 10 indicates an individual with the self-discipline to undergo torture with grace, like Eclipso and Circe. Again, these attributes dealt with psychic assaults, schemes, and stresses.

Influence of 10 afforded international influence also commanded by Amanda Waller, Batman, Circe and John Constantine. Aura of 9 rocked along similar lines, but covered mystique and respect that outstripped most anybody in comics (even Batman was only an 8.) Spirit of 10 expressed a fortitude unalterable by the bleakest circumstances and capable of withstanding attacks from an experienced sorcerer. Batman, Dr. Occult and Mr. Miracle hung at this level.

How these stats related to gameplay was that Wonder Woman could connect her fist with just about anything, and damage the heck out of it while still holding herself up. She was also extremely capable against great intellects and powerful magic. Her flight of 14 was outstanding, but her other special abilities were middling. However, her double digit skills in acrobatics, charisma, martial arts (12!,) military science and weaponry made up for it, as she was without peer. Unfortunately, information on her Lasso of Truth would have to wait for another resource...

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