Thursday, December 2, 2010

1989 Mayfair Games DC Heroes The Cheetah Character Card

You know what the Cheetah needs? To not fight Wonder Woman for a while. It's like how Baron Zemo was that other guy who fought Captain America when Red Skull was busy, until he got to start stepping out with the Masters of Evil and Thunderbolts. That made him more of a general Marvel Universe threat, and massively improved his reputation. Zemo isn't half as formidable as the Cheetah, and while they occasionally cock-up her representation with lame-brained match-ups like Catwoman, I'd love to see her tear holes in Batman or even Superman.

A Dexterity of 13 coupled with (admittedly excessive) Martial Artist of 9 makes Cheetah seriously dangerous in any situation, regardless of who's present. Excepting Strength, she outstrips Donna Troy in just about everything, plus she can work the magic angle. Cheetah is just plain scary when you think about it, and the only thing keeping her from being a contender on the world stage is that Wonder Woman is so fabulous, how can Cheetah compete on her terms?


LissBirds said...

Archaeologists get an awful lot of action in the DC Universe, might I say.

Looking at the "Cheetah only" notes, does that mean she could she be played as Barbara Minerva, sans Cheetah powers?

Diabolu Frank said...

Absolutely. While the Cheetah isn't a distinct personality of her own like previous incarnations, the blood ritual used to give Barbara Minerva the powers is time consuming, alters a bunch of physical characteristics, and makes her more feral. The rest of the time, Minerva was a conniving archeologist with a degenerative condition that forced her to walk with a cane and pillage artifacts of power (like the Lasso of Truth) for relief.