Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1996 Rogues Gallery #1: Circe by Bill Sienkiewicz

As previously mentioned, the Rogues Gallery pin-up book seemed to consist of material that hadn't made it into the 1995 Skybox DC Villains: The Dark Judgment trading card set. Most of the artists involved with that set produced nine pieces of printed art. Bill Sienkiewicz, a genius choice for a project like this, created ten cards and four pin-ups for the book. Rather than being awarded his own block of cards, Sienkiewicz was used to help unify a round robin assortment of other artists' cards across an eighteen card (or two binder page) span, including four by Stu Suchit, three by Simon Erich, and one by Mike Cavallero.

Had Sienkiewicz's Circe card made it into the set, it would have been among its loveliest pieces, as it is in the Rogues Gallery. However, another artist had included her in his nine card block, even though it was among the ugliest cards in a set filled with extreme highs and lows. Que sera sera...

I'm not the only blogger relishing New Year's Evil this week. Find more malicious pin-up fun at the following:


Unknown said...

That is beautiful! I love Bill's work.

Diabolu Frank said...

He did a great job of obscuring a meh costume and bringing out the best parts of that design (the gorgeous lavender hair, specifically.)