Thursday, January 20, 2011

JLA #83 (September, 2003)

"--exclusive video of the worst terror attack on England's soil, narrowly averted by the JLA. Rapid deployment of the League against the so-called napalmettos contained the incident to a four-block radius." The Amazing Amazon was dripping with the orange gunk as she wound up her lasso.

President Lex Luthor spoke with the Trinity after the event, suggesting the attack clearly originated from Quarac. Wonder Woman argued, "The device, and the biochemical compound it animated, bear all the traits of Professor Ivo's work, Mister President. The League is searching for him as we speak... but he has no connections to Qurac." Luthor thought otherwise. "Mister President, are you proposing a preemptive strike? Without any solid proof that Qurac is guilty of terrorism? International law and the U.N. charter forbid unprovoked action against a sovereign nation." Luthor insisted the League check out the Middle Eastern country, and all but requested the assassination of President Barat.

Wonder Woman was disgusted, for despite Barat being "the most horrific of dictators," she refused to disregard international ethics. The League brought in Ivo, but the news still hyped the terrorist threat. Even Lois Lane fell for it, buying cases of olive oil in the event of another napalmetto attack.

The Trinity again were invited to a debriefing at the Oval Office. Luthor was still pushing his agenda against Qurac. Princess Diana once more noted, "With respect, U.N. inspectors have found no evidence of W.M.D.'s in Qurac, sir. We can't establish a clear connection between Ivo and Barat. There's no impending threat. America sets an example for the international community. If we attack without verifiable evidence, it sends a message to the world-- that diplomacy is a farce and peace has failed. Is that what America believe--"

Diana disappeared mid-sentence. Superman wondered where she went. "Home. Don't worry, a bureaucratic snafu. Her diplomatic papers just need to be reworked. Nothing to be alarmed about."

You see where this is going?

Army Special Forces disguised as Gotham City P.D. prevented protesters from reaching a "cowardice rally," until Batman busted some heads. He disappeared, too. Superman heard protests from around the world against Luthor's march on Qurac, but the President plead, "They don't have all the information. They don't have our reports. I hear them... but I can't listen to them. It's a luxury I don't have right now." Luthor continued to bang the patriotism drum, and preach about his duty to protect the people, and where did Superman "get off questioning me?!?"

Finally, Superman got so fed up he took his heat vision to the "A" in the JLA's meeting table, but too little too late, as Luthor killed him with kryptonite. The whole time, the President was harping on the same familiar right wing talking points heard incessantly during the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Bobby Ewing stepped out of the shower It was all a dream of sorts, generated by a device of the Martian Manhunter’s employed without his supervision. "J'Onn and I have used that machine before to help me unburden my mind of anxieties." However, the big dumb Kryptonian needed a telepath to help guide his mental journey, and without one, Superman freaked out and wrecked stuff. Wonder Woman was present with the Atom and Batman, but only one got uncomfortably intimate with their consoling. "It's all right, Superman... you're awake now. You're awake. Everything is all right."

Continuing on that thread, Diana was looking flirty and her already skimpy outfit a size too tight as she hung out in Clark's room (while he wore only a loosely closed robe.) "I called J'Onn. He said you owe him a new 'Transconsciousness Articulator...' He also said you were lucky. Forcing your conscious mind into the realm of your subconscious without a telepath to help maintain balance can be very dangerous." Kal-El tried to defend his actions, but ultimately decided, "Next time, I'll just stick to confiding in Lois. She's my rock." The only rock he seemed stuck to was Diana, "hugging" him with inappropriate body language...

"American Nightmare" was by Joe Kelly, Chris Cross & Tom Nguyen.


Luke said...

In that pic, Diana == Brick Shithouse. Hot damn!

Diabolu Frank said...

Agreed. When Cross is good, it shows.