Monday, January 17, 2011

2010 Wonder Woman #272 Notebook and Twin Pocket Folder Style #3008DC

Last year, I returned to school full time with a post covering Wonder Woman #302 related supplies. Now that my winter break is ending and I'm going back for round 2 (FIGHT!,) I thought it might be time I posted another such combo I bought last fall, since they'll probably come into use this semester.

I was such a Post-Crisis zealot in my glory days of collecting DC Comics, I never bothered to go back and buy any of these early '80s Wonder Woman comics. Even before the late '60s/early '70s Diana Prince comics were collected in a complete set of trades on my shelf, I had a pretty good run of those Mike Sekowsky gems. I dabbled a bit in the later '70s stuff and own some Showcase Presents and Archive Editions with '40s-'60s material, but the comic represented here is part of my pre-1987 dead period. Add it to my enormous "to read" list, because I've enjoyed what little I have tried, and most series get daring when they know the end is nigh.

Above is the original comic book cover by Dave Cockrum and Dick Giordano, whose credits were conveniently cropped out of the art on the supplies. Also curious is the fact that while the then-newly arrived Huntress back-up feature had its logo prominently featured on the supplies, the Darknight Daughter herself was completely omitted from the folder, and her head & shoulder barely registers on the notebook. It's especially sad on the folder, since there's a great big arrow pointing out where she was supposed to appear.

These supplies featured the same basic design as those previously mentioned, but the back cover was a pretty shade of blue. I figured I'd offer the close-up above to help show off the DC Comics 75th anniversary logo. Thankfully, Wonder Woman was not replaced by the Flash here as she has been on other 75th offerings, and like Green Lantern Hal Jordan, she appears to have been drawn by Ed Benes. I guess that's a less than stellar Jim Lee Superman, but since the Batman may be a Benes as well, it could be they're all by the same guy.


Luke said...

I must admit, that is a pretty awesome notebook. If I had a daughter, and she was old enough for school, and her mother would let me, I would totally buy that for her. (All three items are false, though!)

Diabolu Frank said...

I'm using mine, and it makes me the coolest girl in my class!

Wait. What?

LissBirds said...

Use it proudly, Frank. Girl power!!

Where do you keep finding this awesome stuff?! The best I can do is a half-price Wonder Woman wall calendar I found at Borders, which is sadly pretty skimpy on the art. But I bought it anyway.

Diabolu Frank said...

Dollar stores and discount chains, m'dear.