Thursday, February 10, 2011

2009 Black Lantern Wonder Woman version 3 design by Joe Prado

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Finally down to the last of the three version of Zombie Princess Diana, and it's not like I had tons to say about this whole premise to begin with. Instead, what I'd like to say is that Maxwell Lord is not a Wonder Woman villain. At length.

Lord started out as the million dollar manipulator who engineered the formation of Justice League International while himself under the influence of an evil computer. Although sometimes shady and a bit too convenient a device to keep the JLI story engine purring, Max redeemed himself and became a fan favorite supporting character. Lord went through the '90s like the rest of us, and after a stint as a villainous cyborg-a-ma-bob, it was decided to make Max Lord retroactively bad to the bone. Lord even killed Blue Beetle, which was like cutting out the heart of his hundred of devoted fans. Not a typo.

The final straw was when Max Lord took over Superman's brain and made the Man of Steel run around punching people for three or so issues of his book. That led to an issue of Wonder Woman where the writer pretended that the only way to stop Superman's rampage was to twist Maxwell Lord's face around to his butthole. Wonder Woman was a member of Justice League Europe under Max Lord for literally a handful of panels of a couple of issues, so she had no preexisting relationship or animosity, and she easily killed Lord the very first time they were at odds with one another. This establishes that Lord meant nothing to Wonder Woman, especially as a threat.

For like a year's worth of Wonder Woman comics and a bunch of guest appearances, Wonder Woman struggled with the repercussions of killing Lord, with governments, fellow heroes, and the law in general turning on her. Lord left behind a sentient spy satellite with hundreds of OMACs at its disposal to trouble Diana and the amazons, but not really all that much, and they were all kind of invented by Batman besides. If you must, say that Batman's runaway robot was an enemy of Wonder Woman.

Eventually Max Lord came back as a zombie and led forces against Wonder Woman for the length of one more comic. Shortly thereafter, Lord enjoyed a more healthy form of resurrection, and went back to being a pest for a bunch of old JLI members. Lord also wants to kill Wonder Woman, but only as a b-or-even-c-plot in a quasi-JLI mini-series. Once again, this is an artificial feud with no emotional weight or commercial pull. It just does not matter to most anyone. When I do post about zombie Max Lord, and I will, I'll be too busy with legitimate Wonder Woman business to bother with him here. Anyone going to miss him? I have my doubts...


Health Monitor said...

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Diabolu Frank said...

This is either the work of the best Spambot EVAR, or a really dedicated promotional effort by a human being. Kudos.

LissBirds said...

In my spare time I write sentient bits of code to do my Blogger commenting for me.

That statement is an utter fallacy. I have no such thing as spare time.

That being said, if they got rid of the shoulder pads, I like this zombie Wonder Woman design better than the one the offical one.

And Maxwell Lord better go back to being not-a-villian and just a little shady at the end of all this Generation Lost business. Then I can count myself as fan #101.

Diabolu Frank said...

I really appreciate the amount of effort put into shielding Wonder Woman's cooch while leaving her back door wide open. She's got the priorities of an old world "virgin."

I think the horse is out of the barn on Max, unless it turns out he has a twin brother/artificial duplicate. Which could totally, totally happen. Right after that bit Keith Giffen liked to talk about where Ted Kord just pops out of a teleportation tube one day, says "wassup," and we all progress as if nothing stupid/mean ever happened.